Best Way To Mount a Scope on Your .22 LR Rifle – Step by Step Guide

There are guns; but then, there is the .22LR rimfire riflle. Ask pro shooters and they will be glad tell you the difference. Anyway, add a shooting scope to your rimfire rifle and voilà! With its traditional firing technology, these rifles are still the most accurate and simple to use guns in the whole shooting world. Besides, rimfire rifles are very affordable. That is why they are perfect for shooters looking for guns for the money. That reminds me to ask; how do you go about mounting rimfire rifle scope?

If you want to transform your rimfire rifle into one of the best long range hunting rifles, or rather the best gun for long range target shooting, you have to consider getting a rifle scope. For that reason, we have discussed some of the most important benefits of a rifle scope and how they influence your shooting performance.

But first, let us try to understand what makes a rimfire rifle unique and special.

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What is a .22 LR Rimfire rifle?

Let’s get back the important things. Before I tell you how special the .22 Long Rifle, also known as the 22 LR caliber gun, is, I will have to give a little history about this gun. Its product dates decades back, it these guns have been used across generations. They are one of the most backdated gun technology, yet still perfect on the range.

mounting rimfire rifle scope

 Going deeper into the history and the genesis of this gun type will make you understand more about its performances and other great qualities, as well as the shortcomings. Anyway, this is a whole topic that requires its own attention, instead, we need to get mounting a rifle scope on a 22 caliber gun.

Therefore, let us first summarize on what makes the rimfire guns special. Some of their special features include:

  • The 22 Long Rifle has a minimal recoil. 
  • Its low noise makes it perfect for a household gun. 
  • Easy and simple to use, making them great for beginners and experts alike.
  • These gun type is very affordable and interestingly long lasting –with easy maintenance.
  • The full metal jacket bullet design is also a great uniqueness. 

Learn the Benefits of a Rifle Scope before Mounting 

Using a gun scope improves your shooting game greatly. I mean, the accessory makes a gun man sharp and gives them uppers hand in the field. Whether it’s a shooting game, range shooting or even hunting, a gun with a scope is your magic. I don’t want to be vague about this, therefore, I have explained benefits of shooting with a rifle scope in three major points. They include:

  • Scopes Improve your Accuracy

Well, I know you might be a pro killer, with records of killer shots only. Or maybe you are a beginner, your love for guns is building, and growing fast. But the fact still applies, that shooting with a scope gives you more killer shots. Scopes literally puts you at the top of your shooting game. It gets hard to spot an armatures – everyone becomes perfect.

  • Increased Rifle Range

The best part of using scopes on your gun is increased range. You can make killer shots from distances further away than before. You can never be scared of the chance of a bear charging wildly on you. It makes you a trophy collector. The head shot and long range target shooting champion.

  • Better Results

Like I just mentioned above, scopes make you a trophy collecting. By improving your accuracy and overall shooting performance, rifle scopes makes it easy to shoot right onto the target. If we had to compare shooters who use scope and those who don’t, in terms of results, scope users would win at any point – both short and long range accuracy.

Selecting the Best Scope Rings

To get the best mounting rimfire rifle scope results, you have to make sure you have everything you need, right. And finding the best mounting rings is on your bucket list. Anyway, finding the best rings for your scope might be an easy task or not. Depends with your skills and understanding of your gun. My point is, find everything right according to your gun, and you will be its greatest master.

For that reason, I suggest finding the best scope rings for your gun before we start the step by step mounting process. Some of the clues I can give you includes:

  • Do not forget about the weight of your gun – scope rings add weight to your gun as well.
  • Your scope should improve your results. Lose or weighty scope rings might ruin it instead.
  • Scope rings are specially designed for plan mounting.

Watch the video then follow my 10 steps listed below it.

Step by Step Mounting a Scope to  .22 LR  – 10 STEPS

1. Check on the rings, each one of them and loosen their screws.

2. You can then separate the top straps. Check and remove their screws.

3. Set the scope centered in the ridge of your scope rings.

4. You need to ensure that you have the correct eye relief with the scope. Therefore, slowly raise your 22 caliber on your shoulder and check.

5. As you lower it down, maintain the same scope position.

6. Without compromising the eye relief and scope performance tighten the screws.

7. Restore the positions of the top straps

8. At this point, tighten with a screwdriver. Ensure all screw are back and sturdy.

9. You can check your scope and eye relief again. Get the gun back up and check.

10. Ensure your scope is on the right level and well tightened.

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Final Words

 As I conclude, by now I know you can assemble a new scope on your gun and disassemble the old one. Anyway, what is more important is getting everything right. Remember, you don’t want your scope to be the mess instead of being the magic. The main point of mounting your scope on a gun is to improve your shooting experience and results. Scopes allow you to make clean shorts yards further away. But, if you don’t mount them well and tight, your scope rings might loosen up and ruin the accuracy of the scope.

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