Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe Review – Bestselling Kid’s Hiking Shoe

Experience your toddler’s adrenaline with the best kid’s hiking shoe in the current market. Just like for robots and superheroes, the little one will not want to stop, when out on Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe. It is designed to energize their trail hiking efforts and make them want to keep hitting the ground.

Designed with meshed uppers, this footwear is the best lightweight hiking shoe for kids anywhere around. The same uppers and a suede design also make the shoe breathable and pretty long lasting. Getting a pair for your child is like having them sign up for a lifetime contract of fun filled hiking adventures.

From an ultimate list we published on the best hiking shoes from all categories, this Merrell shoe pair for junior hikers is still the overall leading product from kids’ collection. It is an imported brand that brings pride alongside quality service. Just like you know, we review all items and features after testing, using and experiencing.

That is why I suggest you keep reading.

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Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe Review – Features

What are your main goals as you plan for a hike with your kid? Let’s think them out loud.

First, you would want to ensure your kid’s safety at all times. Second, you definitely love going on hikes with your little one, therefore, you must want them to enjoy the whole experience. Anyway, there must be a lot more. The point is, hiking shoes for toddlers that add value to these goals is a must have. Fortunately, this Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe for kids, has it all.

Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Hikes can be fun. With your kid around, it gets even more interesting. This hiking shoe has been built to ensure that doesn’t change. Perfect choice of material gives it a beautiful body, built to offer quality service. The Merrell trail chaser is ultralight.

With a sole made of rubber and an upper body constructed from suede and mesh, this trail shoes takes us from easy to no work for the kid. Its lightness contributes to its no-mark performance. No prints left behind, and every hike with these shoes is always a good and tireless experience.

Breathable and Comfortable

Nevertheless, the meshed upper makes these hiking shoes well aerated and comfortable even after long walks and trail running.   Do you remember when we said the little ones won’t want to stop in this shoes? Because this is the answer. The comfy.

It comes with EVA removable foot-bed, making it a simple shoe that offers great service. This also makes it easy to maintain clean. Your feet remain aerated the whole time, irrespective of the weather. You can go ahead and thank its hook & look closure system for its secure and comfortable fit.

Pretty Affordable

Now, after all you’ve learnt about how amazing this shoes is, how much do you think it costs? Well, it’s not a surprise it is the bestselling hiking shoes for boys and girls. Because, for the service it provides and the quality it is built with, this kids’ shoes is pretty budget friendly.

It’s clear the value of this Merrell creation is not in the cost. It serves better than several peer products that goes for a lot more bucks.

Built to Last Longer

How they made this lightweight hiking shoe tough and sturdy is still a wonder. I mean, the combination of its features is a blast, close to impossible. When put on, these shoes feel like pair of socks, comfortable and lightweight. But the construction completely keeps the toddler’s feet secure and cushioned from impact.

Imported Brand with Cool Design

With all that performance achievements, this trail chaser hiking shoes for kids still managed to look beautiful. Incredible. What else would you want from a trail shoe for junior hikers?

Though imported, it is built from a legendary brand that has kept its promise to customers by repeatedly creating great gear performance and marrying it with great appearance.

Quick Peek

  • Imported cool design, built to last.
  • This shoe gives your kid a collaboration of comfort and protection.  
  • It is built lightweight with a breathable upper.
  • Removable foot-bed makes cleaning and replacements easy.
  • Untraceable outer sole leaves no marks on your track.

Top Customer’s Question and Answer – FAQs

Top Customer’s QuestionWould you recommend Merrell Trail Chaser hiking shoe for 8 year old baby girl, or boy of the same age? My daughter has poor taste in shoes, she won’t mind fitting boy’s shoes. Lol. She’s all about the hike. But I want a great shoe for her.

Selected Answer: Your daughter sounds very interesting, I know she makes a great hiking partner. The thing is, most people think this is a boy’s shoe. Well, it might look like one and also built to accommodate boy’s kind of tough. But it fits a girl pretty well, and is definitely the type of shoe for junior hikers you want her out with. It is simply the best hiking shoes for all kids, available today.

They have sizes for kids aging 4 to 12 years, and a good variety of colors as well. And they are as comfortable as a running socks.


For closure, let’s go through what we just experienced. Let’s remind ourselves of the superhero moments. Lest we forget what the Merrell Trail Chaser is capable of.

For facts, this shoe fits in its current position in the market, the bestselling hiking shoes for kids. It has made hiking with kids a lot more fun and exciting. Its innovative design makes it tough and lightweight at the same time. These hiking trail shoes constantly keep your kid’s toes protected and comfortable, without having to wear them out with weight. This gives them the ‘superhero flight’ throughout the hike.

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