KEEN Kid’s Chandler CNX Hiking Shoe Review – Top Rated Shoe

You are exactly where you are supposed to be if you are looking for the best hiking shoes for toddlers - little and big kids too. Keep reading this KEEN kid’s Chandler CNX hiking Shoe review to see how thoughtful the creation of this product was. A product built to enhance hiking experience with your little ones at any time and in any weather.

With a rubber outsole, this hiking shoe for kids leaves no marks and is highly weatherproof. It is built light and comfy to maximize your adventuring experience.

We have been reviewing and testing hiking gear for a decade now. Every time a new product is introduced to the market, we get tempted to try it. That’s when we realize its worth. Therefore, we were drawn to this weatherproof hiking shoes for kids by its popularity and high ratings. It turns out that this is the top performance hiking shoe for kids in the current market.

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Kid’s Chandler CNX Hiking Shoe Review - Features

Walk into any store, clueless of what is worth your budget, your chance of finding the best kid’s hiking shoes is slim. We have always discouraged blind shopping. Remember, adventures are propelled by the right gear. Getting the right hiking shoes for your child requires research or even recommendation from an experienced user. That is why we extend to you this favor, after several tests on various activities and weather situations with this footwear. The Keen Kid’s hiking shoe is a legendary product.

Breathable Mesh

This feature makes Keen sneakers superior in the market. It is a major reason the Chandler CNX is the highly rated kid’s hiking shoes. Its construction features padded and extra cushioned interior. With an imported style and meshed upper that is wonderfully breathable.

It’s always a walk of fame in these comfy shoes.

They form a great plat form for junior hikers to see the adventures for what they really are – incredible. I bout one of these for my niece, as a present for good behavior. She loves them. I mean, it is impossible to not love these shoes. She says, she wishes she could be allowed to sleep in them – at home.

Keen Quality – Durable Construction

As if that is not enough, they built it to keep its glow and maintain its performance longer. This shoe can keep its pretty look even after several hikes through every kind of weather. Like I already said, your kid can get rained on, baked in the sun, trip on stumps and won’t complain about damaged shoes or feet discomfort.

They are built tough and resistant to abrasion. That is why they can live to serve more than one kids. So don’t get worried about what to do with them if your child outgrows them. You can always pass them on to the next kid. Hoping they get to love hiking too.

Comfortable Fit

Its streamlined interior performance, caused by its reverse strobel structure is a miracle. The feeling is like walking in a foot massage machine, or even better. This level of comfort makes hiking more thrilling for little ones. It keeps them on the move like an energizer.

Keen has given this hiking shoe a secure comfortable fit, making it a top performance product. Remember, the wrong choice of hiking shoes for your kid can ruin the whole adventure. Hurting feet during a hike is a nightmare for any hiker – it is even worse for kids.

Easy to Clean

Again, we all get stressed after hikes because of the degree of dirt your gear collects. Well, that won’t be the same with this junior hiker’s shoes. All you need is a horse to spray mud or dusty stains off with. Otherwise, cleaning shoes in a machine washer has never yielded great results for me. These shoes will save you from issues like that. You can clean them simply and easy. It is important to understand the performance of your hiking shoes in all angles. Does it keep impressing you after the hike or do you feel like throwing it away?

Solid Foot Protection

Of all the things, hurting toes is not going to be a problem. These shoes were built to basically protect hiker’s toes. On top of that, they maintain their comfort. Hikes can be long and rough, this means you have to pick your shoes properly. You don’t want bruised feet in the middle of all the fun. This shoe is for sure a secure fit. They are one of the best ways to keep kids warm while camping or hiking.

Quick Peek

  • Non-marking outsole constructed from durable rubber.
  • Streamlined interior from the reverse strobel construction offers comfort.
  • The mesh and synthetic upper design gives it a super lightweight performance.
  • Its increased traction design makes it feel different – a good difference.
  • These hiking shoes are resistant to abrasion, they last long.

Top Customer’s Question – FAQs

TOP CUSTOMER’S QUESTION: When Murphy, my 7 year old boy, and I visited his grandfather in the summer in California, my friend who is a preschool teacher suggested I get him the KEEN Chandler CNX hiking shoe. I ended up going for a different choice but now I feel like I made a wrong decision. Do you believe this kid’s shoe would have been appropriate for my 7 year old for summer in California?

SELECTED ANSWER: I believe they would have been perfect for him. Keen has built an ultralight hiking shoe for children, with comfort and foot protection in their mind. Its breath-ability is exemplary, making it the best choice for any weather.


Parents with kids who are interested in outdoor activities have a reason to smile. The Chandler CNX Shoe for junior hikers is a careful design, meant to ensure protection and comfort throughout all activities. Your outdoor minded kid has no reason to worry, and neither are you.

The main point is, your little one can run to mountain top, trip, stump into the mud and still enjoy a comfortable hike. What could be greater than that in a little hiker’s shoe?

Keen is popular among outdoor gear, and it never disappoints. But this shoes is not like any other of their creations that rightfully inherits the favor in the market. It has actually earned it on its own. The Chandler CNX shoe has been built to serve long term hikers and give them easy time along their trail. It is an excellent piece for your child.

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