Best Gym Duffle Bag for Sports Travel – Reviews & Guide

It’s that time of the year again when you need to hit the gym to stay in shape. Now what you need is something to carry your items in, conveniently if I may add. You need the best gym duffle bag designed specifically to suit your needs. The modern gym bags are now more versatile as they have evolved and serve a variety of functions.

Many brands have taken advantage of this shift and made sure that the gym bags they produce are loaded with useful features. This may make it very hard and confusing for you to make a selection from the thousands of products in the market.

That is why we have made it easier for you. We have made a list of the best that the market has to offer just for you. In this review, we will give you the best gym duffle bag reviews. We will also give you important tips on what to look out for when selecting a gym duffle bag for sports travel.

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How to Choose the Best Gym Duffle Bag - Things to Consider

With a liberal market full of gym bags to select from, choosing the right duffel bag for you may seem daunting. Between the size, material, cost and extras which should you select? Well, here the things you need to consider when you want to buy a duffle bag that best suits you.


This could possibly be the most important factor you need to consider when buying a duffle bag for sports travel. Getting the right size bag is purely dependent on the items that you intend to carry or usually carry along when you are sports travelling. It is important to consider the size in relation to the size of your locker. Is it small enough to fit into the locker? A bag that cannot fit in your locker may be inconvenient and may cause you unnecessary risk.


How compartmentalized is your gym bag. Most gym bags come with compartments for storing different articles. These include a compartment water bottle, shoes, tennis bat, golf clubs etc. these compartments are pretty handy when it comes to the organization of your gear. This gives you the convenience of getting to your gear easily without having to dig through your bag or empty all the contents every time you need to retrieve your water bottle.


What is your main sports activity, is it tennis, golf, swimming etc. when selecting a gym duffle bag make sure that you get a bag that suits your needs exactly. A good example is when you are involved in water sports or a vigorous sport that makes you sweat a lot, ensure that you get a duffle bag that has a waterproof lining.

This will keep all the water and moisture contained as you transport your sports clothes from your training. You probably would not want sweat dripping onto the back seat of your car when you toss it there on your way back home.


This is extremely important as selecting a bag that is uncomfortable will tire you out and probably cause body pain in the long run. So consider looking for a bag that is comfortable to carry. Are the straps long enough, are they padded for extra comfort, etc.


There are 5 main materials that are used to make Gym bags. These are vinyl, Canvas, leather, Nylon and polyester. Polyester is the most common material used because it is water resistant and easy to clean. However, it is prone to bacteria as its material is not breathable. Nylon is preferred because it is lightweight and less costly. However, it is not as durable.

It also tends to stain easily. Leather is extremely durable, and also breathable. It always stays in shape. However, its material tends to hold on to odor and also easily stains. It is also more costly than the other materials. Vinyl also referred to as synthetic leather is loved because of its ability to resist stains easily. It is also less costly than the real leather.

Unfortunately, it is easily prone to scratches and wears out easily. Canvas is a general favorite because of its many advantages. It is lightweight, easy to clean and can be machine washed in many instances. However, it is not moisture resistant.

Best Gym Duffle Bag Reviews

If you are a gym enthusiast, check out the features and specs of top options we have for you. These are quality gym duffle bags that are well ventilated and provide size balance. Compare their features to choose the right bag that suits your needs.

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A good strong waterproof and long lasting Sports travel duffle bag may be hard to come by. But here we have made that easy for you. With this Under Armour bag that combines all the aforementioned features.

Durability is first and foremost assured with this one of a kind gym bag. The material used for the construction of this gym bag is Polyester that serves you long as it is rip resistant. Polyester is also an easy maintenance material that makes cleaning it easy. Under Armour Duffle rightly puts it, the material is element battling. Meaning it is resistant to the weather elements and thus long-lasting.

The durability of the bag is further enhanced with the tough side and bottom panels on the bag. The panels are made to be tough considering the fact that they are sometimes placed on rough surfaces. For durability, these panels are made abrasion resistant. 

This bag is also loved because of its waterproof ability. This means in the rain it will ably keep your dry gym clothes dry. After hitting the gym or the pool, this bag will keep all the moisture and wetness within. This leaves any surfaces that you place the bag on dry.

For comfort, the bag boasts of having an adjustable shoulder strap which you can use to adjust the bag to the most comfortable height. The strap is also padded for your comfort. Additionally, the bag has top grab handles which are also padded to make carrying convenient for you. Whether you want to sling it on your shoulder or carry it using the top grab handle the choice is in your hands.

It tops our list because it has earned the title of the best gym duffle bag. 

Features at a Glance

  • Padded straps and top grab handle provide comfort.
  • A durable bag as the polyester material is rip-proof.
  • The bag is weather resistant as it does not allow moisture and water.
  • Easy organization with the ventilated pocket, mesh pocket and one zippered pocket.
  • The bag is available in different colors to suit your tastes and preferences.

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This versatile bag is available in three sizes Small medium and large. This means that you have a bag for every occasion. A bag for the short trip to the gym, a bag for the one-day sports bonanza and a bag for the week-long sports event. Whatever size you need, we have it.

Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag has a water-resistant base. It is made using a HYROSHEILD base that stops any water from seeping through while at the same time preventing any water or moisture from dripping out.

Durability is foremost in the construction of this bag. This is because the bag is made using a ripstop material. This means that the bag cannot be easily torn. This ensures that this bag will last you a very long time making it worth your money.

When it comes to storage, this bag is quite convenient. To begin with, the bag has a large main compartment that allows you to store several items within. Be it your gym clothes. Water bottles towel and other items. Additionally, the bag has exterior zipper pockets and an interior zippered pocket for storing your valuables.

Carrying a gym bad may be very uncomfortable and can cause body pain if the straps are uncomfortable. However, with the Adidas Team Issue, this is a problem you don’t have to worry about. This is because the bag comes with a comfortable shoulder strap with padding to ensure that your shoulder has a soft landing anytime that you carry the bag. Also, the top grab handle is super soft to ensure that your hands are not injured as you carry the bag.

Features at a Glance

  • Padded shoulder strap and soft haul handle for comfort. 
  • Spacious main compartment, two exterior pockets with zips and an interior pocket. 
  • Water resistant base made using hydro shield technology resists water. 
  • A durable bag as it is made using the hexagon rip-stop material. 
  • Comes with a side pocket which is ventilated and is suitable for shoes. 

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The Kuston Sports Gym Bag is a great bag for travel, sports, basketball, hiking etc. In short, it is a great bag for all your outdoor hobbies. Why? This is why.

Durability is one of the reasons why. The Kuston Sports Gym Bag is designed to last many seasons before you replace it. And that is an “if”. This is because it is made of a sturdy oxford material. This material is durable. The material is anti-wearing meaning it is not easily damaged.

Secondly, this bag is easy to maintain and wash. You can simply toss it into the washing machine for it to get a thorough clean. I mean, we all know it’s only a matter of a few days before the bag starts collecting smell from all the sweaty clothes you put after every workout.

What is a gym duffel bag without pockets? This amazing gym bag has a very roomy main compartment for your stuff to start with. It also has a zippered pocket inside to keep your valuables. It also has a side access compartment for your shoes and finally, the bag has a back watertight zippered pocket to store your kit after hitting the pool or the gym.

It is made with a strong shoulder strap that allows you to adjust its length to what is most comfortable for you to carry. The strap is also padded to prevent the weight of the bag digging into your shoulder. The top haul straps give you an alternate way to carry the bag.

Features at a Glance

  • Premium quality oxford material that is waterproof with polyester lining.
  • Multiple storage compartments to store you gear. 
  • Comes with a waterproof plastic compartment inside the bag. 
  • Comfortable to carry around with its padded adjustable shoulder strap. 
  • Easy to maintain and wash as it is machine washable.

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When Adidas is involved, the quality is assured. This is because Adidas has long been in the market producing quality sports gear and products. So with this Diablo Duffel Bag, you are assured that you are dealing with one among the best Travel gym duffle bags.

For one this is a very ergonomic bag to have. Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag is comfortable to carry as the straps come with padding. This padding prevents the strap from digging into your shoulders as the weight of the bag may be a bit hefty. Not only that, but the straps are also adjustable giving leeway to resize them to your height for comfort.

As is with reputable brands durability is a main feature. This is a strong and resilient gym duffel bag. It is made from 100% polyester material that best gym duffle bag reviews have attested does not rip under pressure. Also, the seams of the bag are extra strengthened to ensure that the bag does not fall apart at the seams. It is a bag that can withstand wear and tear thus it will give you a long time of service.

The bag is roomy and has a zip which allows the bag to be open wide. This makes packing and unpacking of items inside easy.

The bag is easy to maintain and clean. The material of the bag can be machine washed. This means cleaning it is as easy as tossing it into the washing machine. No tedious process of carefully wiping the bag.

Features at a Glance

  • Machine washable bag that can be easily maintained. 
  • Durable polyester material makes the bag withstand ripping. 
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps make carrying the bag convenient. 
  • Well ventilated to ensures odors of sweat and other smells don’t stick. 
  • The bag has a zippered main compartment the can be opened widely. 

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If you are looking for an on the go Sports duffle bag well you are at the right place. This Gym Duffle Bag loaded with features that say you are on the go. To begin with, this gym bag comes with back straps. This means that you can easily carry it as a backpack. This is convenient when you have to carry it over long distances as all you have to do is put it on your back and off you go.

Gym Duffle Bag Waterproof for travel is a versatile bag as it allows you to change its carrying position. This three-way bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, cross body bag and backpack. The bag comes with two adjustable shoulder straps that speak of convenience. This is because the straps can be adjusted to the length that you are comfortable enough to carry. Also, the straps are padded to ensure that your shoulders remain comfortable even as you travel.  No, bother of straps digging into your shoulders.

This bag is extremely long lasting as it is made from premium durable material. This material is able to last long as it is resistant to wear and tear.

The bottom of the bag is also reinforced to make sure that the bag can withstand the weight and will not easily tear. It can withstand a whopping 132 lbs. That without a doubt is a heavy duty bag.

Features at a Glance

  • Dual detachable shoulder straps that can also be adjusted. 
  • This gym bag can be carried as a backpack, cross-body bag and a shoulder bag.
  • The spacious compartment can hold up to 5 days of clothing and supplies. 
  • Resilient and durable can carry a weight of up to 132 lbs without tearing apart. 
  • Multiple compartments for storing supplies, shoes, personal items and wet clothes. 
  • The bag is breathable to keep out odors and smells and is waterproof. 

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When looking for a quality travel duffle bag for sports then this bag is the best that you can get. You are probably wondering why? Well, there are several reasons why.  To begin with, this is an extremely durable bag. It is made from 100% polyester material. This material is not only durable but easy to clean. It has been proven to withstand wear and tear very well.

Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag is a good and convenient bag especially for those that are actively involved in water sports and extreme sports that may involve a lot of sweating. This is because the bag is waterproof. You, therefore, do not have to worry that water or sweat will drip onto the back seat of your car where you throw it after a tiring session. The construction of the Defender II is made to make the bag as comfortable as possible. It is made with dual handles at the top with an adjustable shoulder strap. The strap is also padded to ensure comfort.

The bag comes with dual compartments making storage easy and convenient. It has two pockets on the exterior and an interior pocket. The interior compartments are spacious enough to ensure that all your gym gear can comfortably fit inside.

This amazing bag also comes in three sizes small, medium and large to suit your specific needs. You can get the small one for your everyday gym needs. Maybe the large size for the sports tournament outside town. Whatever your size preference the choice is yours.

Features at a Glance

  • The bag comes in three sizes for convenience. 
  • Durably made of rip-stop Polyester material that withstands tear. 
  • Spacious interior space to store your gym gear and pockets. 
  • Waterproof as it does not allow water to seep through. 
  • Adjustable detachable padded shoulder straps to make carrying convenient. 

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Adidas has done it again with this Defender III Duffel Bag combining all the advantages of durability, comfort and convenience in a single bag. When it comes to space this bag is endowed with it. It features a very spacious main compartment that ensures that all your travel gear is accommodated. The bag also has 3 additional pockets including

This Defender III is extremely versatile. It comes in three main sizes that are small, medium and large. You have a bag for your every need. Also, the bag comes in a wide variety of colours. This means you will get one to suit your personality. 

Durability is assured with this bag. The material used in its construction is Premium Polyester. This material is ripstop. This means that it does not easily rip apart even under stress. It is therefore long lasting and will give you many years of good service.

This bag is suitable for travel because you will have enough space to pack all you need. The bag has a roomy main compartment to start with. The bag can also stand tall for packing increasing its versatility. Also, the bag comes with dual end pockets that are fastened by zips. An additional exterior front pocket ensures that you have enough space for all your stuff.

Carrying a bad with a lot of weight can sometimes be strenuous to the shoulders making you uncomfortable. But the straps of this bag are padded to ensure that you are comfortable. The straps easily are removable for convenience

Features at a Glance

  • The spacious compartment that can stand tall to fit all your gear. 
  • Two zippered end pockets and front exterior pockets. 
  • Durable 3D rip-stop material not susceptible to wear and tear. 
  • Removable and padded shoulder straps for your convenience and comfort. 
  • Durable sturdy rip-stop material. 

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This is the bag you will need when you want to keep all your gear well organized. This bag is spacious and allows for ample storage in the main compartment. The bag also has a separate compartment for storing shoes.

Storage and organization of your items are easy and convenient because of the added pockets specifically for that purpose. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel has an interior zippered pocket that you can use to store your personal items like keys, driver’s license and mobile device. The bag also has other two large zippered pockets on the exterior of the bag.

As far as durability goes there is no contest about this gym travel bag. The bag itself is made from durable polyester material that is famed for its non-rip ability. Additionally, this sports travel bag is fitted with a long lasting bottom and equally long-lasting side panels. These panels are assured to last long because of their abrasion resistant qualities.

For comfort, this gym bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The problem of constantly adjusting the strap as it digs into your shoulder is eliminated as the straps come padded for your comfort.

The AmazonBasics Sports Duffel is as lightweight as these gym bags can come. This means that it is more comfortable to carry as there is no excess weight to deal with apart from your gear weight. This also makes the bag convenient for travel.

Features at a Glance

  • Shoulder strap is padded and adjustable as a measure to increase comfort. 
  • Side panels and bottom are resistant to abrasion making the bag durable. 
  • Has a vented compartment for storing shoes making storage convenient. 
  • The spacious main compartment allows you to store a lot of gear. 
  • Added storage space in form of zippered pockets on the exterior and interior. 

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The convenience of use is a most desired trait when having any kind of equipment or tool. This SUNPOW travel duffle offers this and more in its features. How? Well for starters this bag is completely foldable. This means that when you are not using it you can easily store it. It aloes mean that this bag is extremely portable.

This SUNPOW 65L Travel Duffle Bag is also made from lightweight material making the bag overall lightweight. You will not have to worry about any extra weight brought about by the bag. The bag’s material is made of needle enhanced density on two main parts i.e. the bottom part of the bag and the adjustable strap part of the bag. This goes a long way in reducing the overall weight of the bag itself.

The bag is also extremely durable as it is made of a cationic material. This is long lasting and has the assurance of lasting a long time of use. Also, the zippers are SBS zippers which are premium quality zips.  Solid clasps on the bag further assure the bag’s durability.

This travel gym bag has a big capacity for storage and organisation of your personal items. First, it has a spacious main compartment. This is coupled with six other interior and exterior pockets for your items. Additionally, it comes with a shoe compartment for you to conveniently store your dirty shoes or even dirty gym gear.  The bag comes with detachable straps that can be adjusted. They are also padded to make then comfortable.

Features at a Glance

  • Made of premium materials and parts for a durable performance. 
  • Some parts are made of lightweight needle enhanced density. 
  • Spacious bag with large capacity made up of the main compartment. 
  • A compact gym bag can be completely folded making it also portable and convenient.
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps come with padding for the convenience of use.

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If you are a sports fan, then you know that sometimes you stay out late with your sporting activities and sometimes you need something to assist you to be visible even in the dark. This bag comes with an added safety feature that makes you visible even in low light conditions. It has a reflective trim at the front of the bag. This way no matter the lighting you will stay visible.

This is not the only strong suit of the MIER 20 Inch Gym Bag. Additionally, this travel duffel bag is super strong. This is because it is made of highly durable material. This means it is able to withstand the daily pressure of having your gear inside and is able to beat the ravages of wear and tear easily. Also, the bottom of the bag is padded to ensure that it does not age or get damaged easily.

Space is not an issue of concern here. The bag has a roomy main compartment to store all your gear and spots items comfortably. The bag also has an inner zipper compartment to secure all your nitty-gritty. Your water bottle also has its own storage area, a side mesh pocket. The bag also has a ventilated side compartment specifically for your shoes. It has a length of 12.2 inches and can easily fit most shoe sizes.

To make the bag comfortable to carry, it has adjustable shoulder straps which are also detachable. The straps are further padded. The bag is extremely breathable as it has a riser vent at the front. It also has a unique design with the material having a honing pattern.

Features at a Glance

  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps which are padded to increase comfort. 
  • Ample spacing with a roomy compartment, internal pocket, bottle pocket and side. 
  • Made from premium sturdy material and has a padded bottom for durability. 
  • Uniquely designed gym bag with honing material with and riser vents. 
  • Front Safety Reflective trim on the bag, makes visibility optimum. 

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An overnight Travel Duffle Bag need not be big and bulky, the important thing is that it needs to be compact while at the same time be roomy. And this is what the bag offers, a bag with a large capacity. One main compartment, and three other pockets for organizing all your items.

In case you are wondering you can carry the Gym Bag Small Travel Duffle Bag, it is easy, it is a versatile carry bag. It can be carried as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. You can also use the top haul straps to carry the bag and it can also be carried as a backpack. How cool is that?

Durability is assured as the bag is first of all made of sturdy polyester material that is water resistant and also stands up to wear and tear. It also comes with two-way zippers made of premium metal. This means that the bag remains in good working condition for longer.

The best feature on any item you use is its ease of use. Using this bag is child’s play. The bag itself is designed in a U-shape design with the main zipper all around the U-shape. It can be opened fully to give you full access to the main compartment making packing easy.  The bag’s straps come with padding to ensure that the straps do not dig into your shoulders as you carry the bag.

Features at a Glance

  • The bag has a U shape with a zipper all around for full access.
  • Large capacity bag with a spacious main compartment and three pockets.
  • A multi-functional 3-way gym bag can be carried as a backpack
  • Padded detachable straps for comfort when carrying the bag.
  • Durably made from quality polyester that resists wear and tear and water.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q:  How long will my gym bag last?

A: Most of the gym bag that are currently in the market nowadays are made to be durable that they should be able to give you a few years of good service. This means that even with constant use, these bags should be able to take long before showing any signs of wearing out.  However, this is also dependent on the brand of the bag. Some brands are longer lasting than others.

Q: What is the recommended size for a gym bag?

A: There is no standard recommendation for a gym bag. There is no one size fits all. It is generally dependent on your personal preferences and needs. If you have a lot of gear that you carry along o the gym regularly it would be prudent to consider getting a big gym bag for your gear. Also look at getting a bag with several compartments to store other things like shoes, wet clothes, personal items etc.  Gym bags come in different sizes from small to extra-large sizes. 

Q: What material are gym duffel bags made of?

A: Gym duffel bags are mainly made of five materials. These are polyester, Nylon, Leather, Canvas and Vinyl. These materials have different qualities that make them desirable e.g. durability, water resistance, breath-ability and weight. 

Final Words

Selecting the perfect Gym bag can be a daunting task not only for novices but also for professionals looking for a change of bag. It is especially so because of e of the vast collections of gym bags from reputable and well-known brands.  This is why, when looking for a gym bag you need to carefully consider what works best for you.

What kind of sport are you actively involved in?  How bulky is your gym gear, does it have enough compartments to ensure your stuff can be stored separately? How frequently will you be using the bag and is it easy to maintain? These are some of the pertinent questions you need to ask yourself as you select your gym bag. Our comprehensive list of the best gym duffel bag offers answers to all these and more. So pick a bag from our selection and you will have no regrets.

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