Fishing Forecast 2019 – The Best Fishing Times This Year

The best fishing times are always between new and full moons. Research done by national fisheries shows that, at this time gap, every month, fishermen make big and a lot of catches. However, new moons and full moons come on different dates every single month. In our fishing forecast 2019, we have mentioned and listed all these great catch days.

Beside moons, there are a lot more other factors that determine best fishing seasons. Where can I find the best fishing near me? That must be your question sometimes. Well, the answer is, if you are traveling right, there is always a great fishing spot near you.

All you have to do is know your seasons well. With the right fishing forecast, every angler makes a great fisherman. You have to get both season and the spots right. Of course, with the best fishing gear.

Fishing Forecast 2019 – Benefits

Once you understand how a good day fishing feels like, you must already know one benefit of having a fishing forecast. But if you have experienced a bad day in the water, then you know even more. Going out to the water, knowing when and where to catch fish, is energizing. The days of blind fishing in random spots on casual dates are over.

With this fishing forecast, trips to the water are all well planned with consideration to all factors affecting fishing conditions. Planning your fishing trips will increases your chances to getting big catches, and I mean huge kilos.

Below are some of the most outstanding benefits of fishing forecast to anglers and sportsmen:

  • Provides best fishing times – dates and time
  • Makes planning a fishing calendar much easier
  • Points out best fishing spots for each season
  • Fish population management

Best Fishing Days for 2019 – Forecast Today

This year is a promising year. From last year’s data, anglers are able to make 15% increment in their catch. This is aided by various technology advancements in fishing industry currently. With the help of weather prediction apps and devices like Fishfinder and handheld GPS for fishing upgraded, everything in fishing is awesome now.


Our forecast for best fishing days this year depends on new moon and full moon predictions. This fishing calendar will help you plan for your catches throughout the year. They have been well registered to allow you time for preparing for the next catch.

From ancient times, this has been the best way to record best fishing times and places. It has something to do with fish behavior, life cycle and preference in terms of seasons and feeding habits. Anyway, in as much as moons don’t follow a straight date line, we made our forecast on 2019 dates.

Seasons – Winter Fishing

Differently, seasons and weather also influence best days in the water. For instance, fishing during winter makes the best fishing times overall. According to fishing forecast Miami, winter months run from December to February in the US, with these three months recording the lowest temperatures the whole year. That is why fishing is more popular during the month of December in Miami. This is because this month brings the first wave, bringing a long good catches for the whole season.

Also to add, low temperatures and difficult conditions caused by winter might discourage you from hitting the water. But for experienced anglers, these same conditions favor them with great catches. All you have to do is know your best fishing spots and plan your angling and baiting for the whole year using this fishing forecast 2019.

Day vs Night

This one is going to impress you. Fish are active during the day as at night. Whether fish comes up close to the surface or not depends on a lot of stuff, like temperatures, fish species, fishing spots and so on. That is why we have deep see fishing and line fishing and so much more.

However, it is common among most fish to come closer to the surface at dawn. Almost sun rise, when sun rays already hit the horizon. It is the attraction of first light after hours of darkness. That is why most fishermen kick off their journey at night so that dawn finds them ready at their spots.

Fishing Forecast 2019 Table – Based on Seasons

  • Winter – Always featured with more fishing days. Dating from 5th – 21st.
  • Spring – Also follows suite after winter. Days from 6th – 18th.
  • Summer – In summer, earlier days of the month has better catches – 2nd to 14th.
  • Fall – In fall, fishing days come in two batches, 2nd to 12th then 26th to 30th.

Boat Fishing – Fishing Kayak

For boat fishing, this calendar might not be as stiff and rigid for you. This is because, boat fishing will allow you to shift spots. Making it much easier for you to improve your catch. However, on overall scale, you will still need to know the days when your fish catching chances are higher.

But first, you need a fishing kayak – if you can’t afford expensive boats. Kayaks are affordable and easy to use. With this fishing vessel, you have the power to handle deep sea fishing, and also try your luck on rivers and moving water fishing spots.

Fishing Forecast App

Nevertheless, you can use a fishing forecast app. It enables you to follow daily updates and receive more appropriate data. Unfortunately our forecast, focuses on general seasons and months, instead of days. That is why, it is advantageous to download the right fishing forecast app if you are serious about your angling and getting great results.

You can find top fishing forecast apps from Google Play, App Store and on These apps are instant installing software, which are affordable and easy to use. All you have to do is chose your market and purchase the app that is compatible with your devices.


As I wind up, fishing forecast 2019 is based on research and fish behavior data recorded for over a decade. This, however, varies from one country to the other. Different fishing environments also causes variation on this forecast. The best part is, it applies to a lot of similar season to a lot of countries and ecosystems. From USA, Canada, Europe to Australia. Most Chinese fishing calendar differs from that of the United States, but if you compare their data and seasons, they all record familiar information.

The point is, for angler from all over the world, following the right fishing forecast will give you better results. That is why we did this research for United States fishing forecast 2019.

Enjoy your best catches of the season. The point of fishing is enjoying the act as well as taking home good kilos. I mean, fishing means a lot to most anglers and everyone just want hit the water for a great fishing day, and take home a beautiful catch.

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