Fishing Backpacking Essentials – 11 Fishing Gear You Need to Pack

When you are going for a fishing trip, having the right fishing backpacking essentials is one of the most important things that will make your trip successful. You don’t want to pack less and realize that you are missing some important items after settling at the fishing spot. This article is supposed to prepare you for exhaustive packing when planning to hit the waters.

Remember, you don’t want to fill your fishing backpack with unnecessary items that will only slow you down and tire you out. This is why you should only include the most important items in your backpack. And if you are planning for a huge catch, equip yourself with the best fishing backpacks for bulk loading.

My question is, what are these important items that you should pack in your fishing backpack? This guide provides you with a list of the essential supplies that you need for your upcoming fishing adventure. Whether it is a one day trip or more, you need to carry on these items.

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11 Essential Fishing Gear You Need to Pack

Every angler, whether a sportsman or fishing professional should be able to have an ultimate list. It is very important to know what to pack before you hit the waters. Some of the most important fishing gear and essentials have been discussed below. Keep reading to find out more about the common angler's list.

1. Clothing

The conditions you will be fishing dictate the type of clothing to carry. So, it is important to carry the right clothing that will match the fishing conditions. There are a wide range of clothing essentials that you should pack in your fishing backpacks. They include the following.

  • FISHING HAT - It provides you with protection from the rain and the sun
  • FISHING WADERS - Perfect if you are planning to leave the shoe and get into the water
  • EXTRA CLOTHES - Even if you are going home after fishing trip, it is important to carry some dry clothes you can wear for the drive
  • EXTRA PAIR OF SOCKS - Carry an extra pair of socks just in case the one you have gets wet
  • FISHING PANTS- They provide better protection as compared to short and prevent insect bites
  • Towel
  • Windbreaker
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Fishing jacket and/or vest with more pockets

2. Fishing Equipment

You need to pack several fishing equipment, however, this depends on the type of fishing you engage in. some of the basic fishing equipment that you should carry include a line, fishing reel, fishing rod, bait and artificial lures among others.

Apart from your main fishing rod, it is essential to carry a backup. In case you experience problems with your main rod, you can use backup instead of cutting your fishing trip short to go and look for another rod. This should also happen with reels. Don’t carry only one. You can have some less expensive reels for backup purposes.

I would also encourage you to carry several spools of lines, hooks, swivels, corks and sinkers. For people who use artificial lures, make sure you have an extra one. To keep your items organized, you can keep them in two tackle boxes. One should carry only the essentials, which you will need when in the water and the other one can remain in your car for backup.

Other fishing backpacking essentials that you should pack include:
  • Tape measure
  • Fishing knife-to clean the fish
  • Long-nose pliers-to remove fish hooks
  • Fishing net-to scoop fish
  • Ice chest-keep fillets cool

3. Health and Safety Fishing Gear

Apart from the hat, you should also carry a sunscreen to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Additionally, you need polarized fishing glasses to provide you with better water visibility and reduce glare. You can easily see ground level objects or objects on the ground even in bright light conditions.

Also, make sure that you have a small first aid kit to cater for unexpected scrapes and cuts. Some of the possible accidents that you can experience include cuts, bleeding, drowning, slipping, sunburns and much more. A first aid kit can help you treat scrapes, cuts or sprains that you can experience when fishing.

Other health and safety items you should carry include:
  • Bug repellent
  • Feminine products
  • Biodegradable toilet tissue
  • Cell phone
  • Nylon rope among others

4. Waterproof Bag

Not only should you invest in the bulk fishing backpack but also a waterproof bag. When you are out fishing, we know that water is inevitable. You can get wet even when you did not intend to. Which is why you should have a waterproof bag so that you can protect items like your wallet, phone, keys and other small items from getting wet

You can go for a Ziploc bag or choose a small dry sack that is environment-friendly to keep small items dry.

5. Water Shoes

Don’t just carry any type of shoe that you find when planning a fishing trip. There are great water shoes you can find that will protect your feet from potential harm out there. Different fishing environment have potential danger like slippery river rocks, slick boat decks and sharp jetty rocks.

If you have the right fishing shoes, you can protect your feet from all these conditions. Having the right fishing shoes will protect your feet from scrapes, wounds and much more.

6. Map

You should always know where you are going all the times to avoid getting lost. Carrying a map is important is you are not familiar with the fishing environment. On top of that, it helps you mark your favorite fishing spots. If you are going on a short trip, having a mental map can also help you.

7. Fish Finder

If you have experienced problems finding fish in your fishing spot, you might consider carrying a fish finder on your next trip. Having a fish finder helps you find the right spot accurately and easily. In fact, you will spend less time locating fish as compared to using none. Installing a fish finder is important and you don’t even need more tools. Again, using this device for fishing is pretty simple and you don’t need to be a tech savvy.

8. Handheld Fishing GPS

If you are an avid angler, having handheld GPS for fishing is important. It helps you see the right location above or underneath the water. Apart from fishing, a handheld fishing GPS can also be used for kayaking. Make sure you pack this essential device in your fishing gear and you will enjoy your trip.

9. Water and Food

Nobody wants to go fishing on an empty stomach. There, you should carry some snacks and a bottle of water if you are going for a short trip. If your trip is longer, then you need extra items like a water purification system as well as other important provisions.

10. Camera and Tape Measure

A great fishing trip should create memories. After catching a huge fish, you need to capture the size of your catch and this is why a waterproof camera comes in handy. Moreover, having a tape measure also helps you document your catch.

11. Fishing License

Do you really need a license to fish?  In the 19th century, people did not need a fishing license to fish in America. Issuing fishing licenses is important to manage fish populations.

A fishing license is an essential item that you should pack in your fishing backpack. If you are fishing in the US, license requirements vary from one state to the other. If you are also fishing abroad, different countries have varying rules and regulations regarding fishing.

Final Words

I know you are looking forward to your next fishing trip. If you want everything to go well as planned, make sure that you pack the above fishing backpacking essentials because you will require most them, if not all, during your fishing outing. You don’t want to miss packing important items and ruin your fishing trip. Proper planning prior a fishing adventure will make your trip successful.

Look for a spacious, sturdy and waterproof fishing backpack to carry the above items comfortably. These are essential items that any angler requires for a fishing adventure. After your trip, you can revise this list to find out if there are more supplies that you for the nest trip depending on the type of fishing that you do.

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