Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag Review

Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag ReviewIf you have ever camped outdoors, then you know that a sleeping bag is the difference between a restful night’s sleep, and a restless night’s sleep. I learned this lesson the hard way when I headed out for my first camping trip, with a threadbare sleeping bag that let the warmth out and kept the cold in. I vowed never to repeat this experience again, and that is why I carefully select the best sleeping bag that I take camping.

However, for a newcomer I understand how this process might be overwhelming. There is an assortment of sleeping bags on offer, each promising different features and functions. So which one is best for you?

One sleeping bag that has caught my attention is the Fashion Outlet Folding sleeping bag, which offers you a good night’s rest when you are sleeping outdoors. We will review this sleeping bag below, so that you can determine whether it is right for you and your needs.

Who is it made for?

The Fashion Outlet Folding sleeping bag is made for kids over the age of 5 years, adults, and couples. Basically, this is an all-round sleeping bag that will suit anyone who enjoys camping.

Features of the Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag

Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Fashion Outlet is a one of the best in our Fashion List.

Waterproof Construction

During the intro I mentioned something about my first camping experience, and I will talk more about that here. The first time I went camping I did so in the rainy season, and as a result I ended up getting soaked to the bone. My sleeping bag could not repel any water, and I couldn’t sleep because I was shivering throughout. That is why I ensure that my sleeping bags have waterproof construction, to avoid a repeat of the blunder above.

Thankfully, Fashion Outlet has constructed the Folding sleeping bag to be waterproof, so that your camping trip is not ruined by a little rain or dew. This is also an excellent feature to have if you are a bit clumsy, and do not want to ruin your sleeping bag with spilled hot chocolate or juice.


If you enjoy hiking, climbing, and backpacking, then you need a sleeping bag that is portable. If you choose a bulky sleeping bag, then you will be left fatigued after just a few miles of walking. That is why I am happy to tell you that this sleeping bag is easy to fold, ensuring that it does not take up space among your other camping gear.

This practical sleeping bag is therefore easy to carry around.


Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag Even though I love camping outdoors, I like to feel like I am sleeping in a real bed.
The only way to guarantee this comfort is to select a sleeping bag with soft fabric,
so that I can snuggle up at night. The Fashion Outlet sleeping bag is made with CT Cotton, which is soft and perfect for all seasons.


Last but not least, the Fashion Outlet sleeping bag boasts of amazing versatility, when it comes to design and usage. You have the ability to change the style and space of the sleeping bag, and if you open it up completely you can transform it into a quilt/blanket. The durable zippers allow you to open it up easily, so that you can tailor how you sleep.

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  • Soft
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be used in freezing conditions

Features at a Glance

  • Portable
  • Super soft
  • Suitable for adult
  • CT Cotton Material

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will my sleeping bag get soaked if I am camping in wet conditions?
A: No, the sleeping bag has a waterproof shell, which efficiently repels water. This sleeping bag will therefore keep you dry when you are camping in wet conditions.

Q: Is the sleeping bag heavy to carry?
A: No. The Fashion Outlet Folding Sleeping Bag compresses down into a small sack, which is compact and lightweight to carry. You therefore do not need to worry about being fatigued when you carry the sleeping bag.

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Final verdict

If you want an affordable sleeping bag that will keep you warm during cold camping trips, then the Fashion Outlet Folding sleeping bag is the perfect fit for you. Though you cannot use this during the freezing winters, this sleeping bag is perfect for the summer months. What more can you ask for?

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