Why You Need Atomic Alarm Clock When Traveling Overseas

Do modern travelers need alarm clocks when traveling yet they can depend on their phone to wake up? Of course, they do. Whether you are on a business or backpacking trip, carrying a physical alarm clock can benefit you in different ways. There are so many reasons why you need to have the best travel alarm clock for overseas.

Packing a compact and reliable alarm clock when you are traveling helps you to maintain accurate time. And if you are traveling to a different time zone, having an atomic alarm clock can be a great idea.

These are great alarm clocks for travelers because they are easy to set and they pick up radio signals from the atomic time transmitters in the United States, Japan, UK, and Western Europe among other places. The clocks adjust automatically regardless of the region you are so you will not have trouble setting time.

If you are wondering whether you need an atomic alarm clock when traveling overseas, I’m sure you will be convinced by the time you finish reading this guide. The following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you have the best folding alarm clocks during travel.

Keeping Accurate Time

Imagine this, you travel in a different time zone and you forget to adjust your phone. You set your alarm with your phone and it rings two hours later. How would you feel? Maybe you were attending an important meeting but your phone alarm let you down.

This is a situation you would wish you had an atomic alarm clock. These devices are not only great for travelers but also people with jobs, school among other responsibilities. You don’t need to adjust them when you are in a different time zone so you don’t have any reason for being late.

Quartz Mechanism

Another reason why you should consider buying an atomic alarm clock when traveling overseas is to enjoy the quartz mechanism. This is an important feature that helps you enjoy the function of a basic digital alarm clock just in case the clock fails to connect to the atomic clock.

This can result because of a wide range of reasons like weather conditions, or poor GPS signal. The quartz mechanism acts as your backup when you are traveling so that you can always attend your meetings, commitments or outings on time.

Automatic Time Setting

If you are using other regular alarm clocks, you have to set them manually if you are in different time zones. However, this is not the case when you have an atomic alarm clock.  These clocks adjust themselves automatically in different parts of the world. Again, if you are not using it for travel, you can use it at home because it provides the most accurate time.


If you have used traditional wall clocks or table clocks, you know that they can pose problems when it comes to setting time. This is the main reason why many travelers choose atomic alarm clocks because they are easy to set and adjust to any environment without problems. With such a clock, you don’t have to worry about setting the time, day, month or year because they are automatically reset. On top of that, these clocks also:

  • Reset automatically when you replace the battery
  • Change time zones automatically in leap year
  • Adjust automatically to daylight saving time

Date and Temperature

It is very easy for travelers to keep of track of time and date especially if you are traveling off your daily schedule. The good thing with atomic clocks is that most of them indicate the day and date so it is easy to keep track if you are on a different time zone.

On top of that, you can get models that display temperature as well as the weather. This keeps you informed of the conditions out there so you know what to expect. No need to consult other sources to know the weather or temperature.

Promote Regular Sleep Schedule

According to Mark Muehlbach, clinical director at Clayton Sleep Institute, many people find it difficult to wake up in the morning. In this case, having an alarm clock can be a savior because it wakes even the deepest sleepers.

On top of that, having an alarm clock also helps you maintain a regular sleeping routine. It helps you wake up the same time every day. This is important because it helps you maintain a normal sleeping pattern.

Large Digital Display

For people who love checking time at night, having an alarm clock helps you see time with ease. As compared to using a phone, presence of a large display makes it easy to read numbers. Some clocks even feature color corded information or soft back-light that helps you to get more from the clock.

Peace of Mind

When you are far away from home for a vacation or business trip, having the best atomic travel alarm clock will help you stay worry-free. You can attend your appointments on time regardless of the time zone.

Helps you keep your phone away at night

According to studies carried out by health experts, using electronics before going to bed can have negative impacts on the quality of sleep you get. If you are trying to minimize screen time before retiring to bed, it is important to have an alarm clock. It helps you keep your phone away from your room so you will not be tempted to check the phone’s screen when you are sleeping. Instead of using your phone’s alarm clock, you can enjoy quality night sleep if you have a physical alarm clock.

Other Benefits
  • These clocks come with extra features USB port
  • Some models can display moon phase depending on the time zone that you are
  • Other atomic alarm clocks are digital controlled

Why Should You Use An Atomic Alarm Clock Over Your Smartphone Alarm Clock?

Quite a number of people view carrying a physical alarm clock when traveling as a traditional or outdated method. However, this is not the case. You need to have the best travel alarm clock for overseas as compared to depending on your phone.

Get me right, I’m not saying that depending on your smartphone is bad. It is also an alternative but it has its negative side effects. If you are a travel enthusiast, an atomic travel alarm clock beats your smartphone in the following ways:

1. Your Phone’s battery can go dead

Depending on your smartphone is risking because there is a possibility of experiencing a battery. Which is why I recommend travelers to go for the old-school alarm system if you don’t want to miss important schedules, work or school.

2. Accidentally leaving phone silent or vibration mode

Most of us prefer to keep our phones in silent or vibration mode so that texts, emails, social media alerts and much more do not disrupt our sleep at night. If you set your alarm and leave your phone on silent or vibration mode, you will end up waking late because the phone will not wake you up.

This is not the case when you have the best travel alarms on the market because you can have your alarm on and your phone silent.

3. Easy to view time

If you love checking time at night so that you can see how many more hours of sleep you have got, you can easily do that if you have a physical alarm clock. This is because most of them feature lit up numbers which make it easier to read time at night.

4. Sleep disruption

So many people keep checking the phone when it is silent or on vibrate mode and this affects the quality of sleep that you get. If you keep waking up to check your phone’s setting, you might not enjoy a restful sleep at night.

5. Easy to lose your smartphone

For those people who love keeping the phone next to the pillow, there is a possibility of your phone getting hidden in the sheets or duvets. It gets even worse when your alarm is ringing and you can’t find the phone to switch off the alarm. You have to wait for the annoying alarm to stop if your phone is hidden in a place that is difficult to find.

Final Words

When you are traveling, there is no better and accurate timekeeper you can have than an atomic alarm clock. Equipping yourself with the best travel alarm clock for overseas helps you keep time so you will not miss your schedules. These clocks have so many features and this makes them a perfect selection for travelers.

So, if you were shying away from buying a physical alarm clock because you think it is old fashioned, you now know the benefits you will get from having an atomic alarm clock. They offer accuracy, convenience and reliability as compared to using your phone’s alarm clock.

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