Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for the Money in 2019

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the United Stated, with over 26 million Americans playing basketball. Whether you play basketball professionally, in college or high school, having the right gear is very important. One of the leading injuries among many basketballers is ankle injury. If you are a regular basketball player, you need to have the best outdoor basketball shoes that the market can offer. Remember, a great basketball player needs top bball shoes.

Don’t just take any shoe and head to the court. You should buy shoes that are specifically designed for basketball. Outdoor basketball shoes are designed to give players comfort, good grip, support and stability on the court. These shoes also absorb impact and support your ankle to avoid injuries that most bball players are prone to - when on low quality shoes.

If you want to excel in basketball and become the next LeBron James, equip yourself with a cheap basketball sneakers to help you improve your performance. We have reviewed quality outdoor shoes for basketball that provide both durability and performance.

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Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Basketball Shoes 

As a player, you might think that buying one pair can serve both purposes. Is there a difference between the two types of shoes? Of course, there is a difference between indoor basketball shoes and outdoor basketball shoes. So, if you are playing outdoors, buy affordable outdoor basketball shoes and if you are playing indoor, look for indoor basketball shoes.

One of the major difference between the two types of shoes is the rubber, weight and support. Indoor shoes are designed with a soft rubber to stick to the surface. On the other hand, outdoor shoes for basketball have a hard rubber so that it can provide you with the needed traction.

Additionally, outdoor shoes need a high level of ventilation and this is why they are designed with mesh material. This will keep you comfortable when you are playing when it is hot.

top best outdoor basketball shoes

Choosing the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for the Money - Things to Consider

One of the most important decisions that a basketball player should make is getting the right shoes. Basketball is an intense game that involves a lot of jumping and running. Additionally, players need to change the directions quickly so the quality of shoes you have will determine your overall performance. Consider these factors before you buy.

Shoe Material

This is one of the most important things that you should consider when you are buying any sport shoe. The material not only determines how comfortable you will feel but also the durability of the shoe. For outdoor basketball, you need a quality shoe that is designed with a flexible and breathable material.

This means that the airflow should be superb so that you do not sweat too much when you are playing. Look for a shoe that is designed with a breathable, lightweight and durable material. Such material include leather, mesh or TPU plastic which are known for durability.

Traction: Stability and Performance

The best outdoor basketball shoes for the money should provide you with the right traction when you are playing. The shoes should also give you the chance to move around the basketball court quickly without worrying about falling or even skidding. Outdoor conditions require a thicker sole to handle hard and harsh surface.

In regards to traction, a wide traction pattern is recommended. Why? This is because having a shoe with a narrow traction can attract more dirt hence lose the grip fast. A good shoe should have traction patterns that features deep and wide grooves for a long lasting performance.

Cushioning: Basketball Shoes with Comfortable Fit

How comfortable is the shoe? Using indoor basketball shoes is easier on your joints as compared to outdoor games. For instance, if you suffer from knee problems, you should look for good basketball shoes with the right cushioning to offer comfort. Such shoes will reduce strain ad stress on your joints.

Moreover, if you are a younger player, well cushioned basketball shoes will give you the right feel. Wearing too firm shoes can bring about sore legs when you are done playing. And I’m sure this is not what you want to experience, right?

Weight: Ultralight Basketball Shoes for Outdoors

When you compare the weight of indoor basketball shoes and outdoor basketball shoes, you will realize that outdoor shoes are heavier. This is because of the cushion that protects you when playing outdoors. Again, they have thicker midsoles which adds more weight.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot get a quality outdoor shoe for basketball. There are many lightweight and flexible shoes on the market. Always keep in mind that the weight of the shoe is what ensures your foot are stable when playing.

Budget: Affordable Outdoor Basketball Shoes

You don’t have to break a bank to get an excellent basketball shoes. There are many good cheap basketball shoes that you can find on the market today. Luckily, our reviews cover quality basketball shoes for the money that any baller will enjoy wearing when playing. Our list of shoes reviewed below is mostly comprised of the best outdoor basketball shoes under 100 dollars.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2019 Reviews

If you play basketball outdoors, you need to have the right shoes that will hand different types of surfaces such as concreate, composite asphalt and much more. Here is a rundown of 12 quality outdoor basketball shoes for both men and women that will help you improve you playing skills.

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There are many basketball essentials every player needs for the overall performance in the court. Apart from having the best ankle braces, arm sleeves or basketball backpacks, you should also have a quality pair of shoes designed for outdoor play. But how do you fish out the right outdoor basketball shoes from the many models on the market today?

This is where we come in. We ensure that you get the right pair which is why we recommend the Nike Lebron Soldier XI SFG Mens Basketball Shoes. This is a quality basketball shoe with an innovative design. It ensures that your foot is locked in pretty well so that you can improve your game performance.

Comfort is one of the main things that makes a quality basketball shoe. This is why this shoe features zoom air cushioning to provide you with a comfy feel when you are playing. Additionally, the shoes are designed with a lightweight upper mesh making them breathable.

Having this shoe will help you play longer before you consider a replacement because it is made with premium quality materials that are designed to last. The rubber sole with multi-surface traction hold up pretty well even on dusty floors.

Features at a Glance
  • This basketball shoe provides you with a good traction and stability.
  • It is designed to offer an improved fit and feet compatibility.
  • The Nike shoe is super lightweight as compared to other basketball shoes.
  • Well-cushioned basketball shoe, making it very comfortable.
  • The shoe offers a snug fit for everyone.

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My husband is an avid basketball player and he is a great fan of LeBron James. On his birthday, I surprised him with the Under Armour Men’s Jet basketball shoes and he loved them. He says the shoes are comfortable and have the best cushioning as compared to other basketball shoes he has used.

One of the best features that he loves about these basketball shoes is the synthetic textile upper that provides support and makes the shoes breathable. Even when he is playing during summer, his feet don’t sweat because there is effective flow of air which also keeps the feet cool.

Additionally, the shoes are designed with engineered perforations and tongue mesh that increase the ventilation. These shoes are also lightweight making them comfortable to play, thanks to the full length EVA midsole that boosts comfort. These are incredibly great shoes that also reduce ankle sprain.

In regards to traction, the shoes feature a one-piece solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern that provides the best linear movement and control. You will be pleased with these nice-looking basketball shoes and make your game performance better.

Features at a Glance
  • Basketball shoe built with synthetic upper for breathability.
  • This shoe has perforations and mesh tongue for ventilation.
  • Shoes are lightweight and comfortable, making them great for outdoors.
  • One-piece rubber sole provide great traction and stability on the court.
  • Features a structured support to lock the foot comfortably.

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Purchasing basketball shoes can be expensive but if you are serious about exceling in the game, then you should invest in a high quality shoe. The shoes should be comfortable, provide you with support, stability and the best traction. They should also be breathable so that you can feel comfortable even when you are playing on hot days.

What if I told you that Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe provides you with all that and much more? This is a comfortable footwear that protects your feet from the harsh outdoor conditions and well as prevent your feet from getting injuries.

The shoe has zoom air units that provide the best cushioning you can ever ask for when playing basketball outdoors. You will also enjoy a secure and snug fit because the shoes has a dynamic lacing system. You only need to focus on your game instead of worrying about comfort and fit.

These best Nike basketball shoes are designed with textile upper that provide a comfortable and lightweight feel. Furthermore, they feature a wavy traction pattern to provide you with a premium grip when you are playing. The shoes also have a dynamic lacing system to ensure that your feet are always secure and locked in.

Features at a Glance
  • In-class cushioning make the shoe comfortable for runs and dunks.
  • Dynamic lacing system provide a snug and secure fit.
  • The shoe is very supportive and properly ventilated, and this is its selling point.
  • It offers a good traction on different surfaces – great for outdoor basketballing.
  • Made with premium quality material for durability.

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Under Armour is one of the top companies that provide basketball players with confidence when playing. They provide unique styles and colors to suit every player’s individual needs. Having a decent pair of basketball shoes can improve your playing experience. Not only with will the shoes provide you with better traction, comfort, support but also energy transfer.

If you are wondering where you will find the best outdoor basketball shoes, it would be great if you tried Under Armour Men’s Ua ClutchFit Drive Ii. Why do we recommend this shoe to a basketball player? The shoe feature updated UA ClutchFit technology that gives you the best feel and support.

A good fit is crucial if you want to enjoy your game. With the 3D molded tongue custom forms around the ankle and foot, you get an enhanced fit. Moreover, the full-length molded G sockliner provides more cushion and ensures that your foot is perfectly locked in place.

To provide you with maximum comfort, the charged cushioning midsole absorbs impact. The shoes are also designed with multi-directional herringbone outsole to offer a superb court feel and control. Get these sneakers that wrap your foot well and you will notice improved performance in your game.

Features at a Glance
  • 3D molded tongue offer a nice fit
  • Multi-directional herringbone offer good feel and control
  • Full-length sockliner to keep your foot locked in place
  • Gives you good cushioning and support
  • Updated UA ClutchFit technology for powerful support and feel

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Basketball is a game that is fun to play and it also keep you fit. It is with no doubt that you need the right shoe for basketball to get the best experience outdoors. If you play outdoor basketball regularly, investing your money in a durable shoe will help you excel well in the game for many years.

One of the quality basketball shoes that is designed to provide you with better traction and support around the crucial parts like the ankle is the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Red October. The shoes feature 4 low profile Nike zoom air units that you very responsive cushioning when you are playing.

Unlike other ordinary outdoor basketball shoes, these shoes have a hyperposite upper on the toes, collar and midfoot to offer excellent impact absorption. The rubber outsole is also durable and offers great traction when you are playing. Additionally, the foam lined collar give you the right support that you need on the court.

Another great thing about this basketball shoe is the one-piece breathable mesh upper that allows more air to keep your feet comfortable and cool. Get this quality shoe from Nike, which is a top brand and explode on the court.

Features at a Glance
  • Made with one-piece breathable mesh upper
  • Durable rubber outsole provide great traction
  • 4 Nike zoom air units provide more responsive cushioning
  • Foam-lined collar for added support
  • Designed to provide great impact protection

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Do you really need specific basketball shoes when playing? Why can’t you just wear any pair of shoe when playing basketball? The truth is, whether you are a beginner or pro player, having shoes that are specially designed for playing basketball will help you get a better experience on the court.

Basketball shoes are different from other types of shoes in various aspect like the material, traction, ventilation, ankle support, interior cushioning and much more. Adidas D Lillard 2 Men’s Basketball Shoe provides you with all those features and much more.

This is one of the best men’s basketball shoes suitable for junior players. The shoes features quality craftsmanship so you don’t have to be worried about their durability. The upper mesh is synthetic and offers great durability hence giving you value for your money.

Featuring a traditional lace-up closure design these shoes offer a good fit. You will also feel comfortable, thanks to the plush collar and tongue that offer maximum comfort. Additionally, the shoes have an excellent cushioning that provide good response on heel to toe transition.

Features at a Glance
  • Synthetic upper mesh for durability
  • Traditional lace-up closure offer a good fit
  • Plush collar and tongue provide comfort
  • Durable rubber midsole and outsole
  • Shoes are designed for junior basketball players

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Do I really need to introduce Nike?  The company has been making shoes for so many years. And if you are looking for the best men’s basketball shoes, these basketball sneakers can make a big difference when it comes to your game performance.

The traction of the shoes feel good and they don’t attract too much dust which can be a problem. With just a simple wipe, you are good to go. The shoes perform well on different outdoor surfaces and the rubber is soft enough to provide you with continuous play.

Another thing that I find great about these sneakers is the cushioning. They keep you pretty comfortable so you can concentrate on your game. Again, you will enjoy a true fit and good support when playing outdoor basketball. Its rubber heel cage locks the heel perfectly well since it is part of the lacing closure.

We can’t forget to mention about the quality material used to make the shoe. It features a mesh upper and a nylon interior and the upper part is strengthened using a screen mesh. And the best thing about the shoes is that they fit you just like socks.

Features at a Glance
  • Lightweight shoes that provide a responsive feel
  • The shoes are designed with a durable mesh upper
  • Provides good fit and effective support when playing
  • Features good cushioning to keep you comfortable
  • The shoes provide a good traction on different surfaces

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Basketball is a game that involves too much jumping and this means there are high chances of experiencing ankle injuries. In fact, according to studies carried out, 92% of players have suffered ankle sprains when playing basketball. And from these players, 83% have experienced repeated ankle sprains.

This is an indication that ankle injuries are common among many player. Did you know that you can prevent ankle sprain by wearing the best outdoor basketball shoes? Yes you can! And this is the main reason we recommend the Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 5 Boost Basketball Shoe.

Featuring a shockweb upper overlay reinforcement, this basketball shoe provides good strength and support. This stylish shoe is made with leather and synthetic material to provide you with a longer lifespan. It is also designed with a strong rubber sole to enhance its durability.

The shoe brags of boost technology so it can help you perform well and dominate the game. Everything about these shoes is great starting from the construction, traction, comfort, fit and much more. You can try it and I’m sure you will love wearing them anytime you are playing.

Features at a Glance
  • Made with quality leather and synthetic material
  • The shoes have a rubber sole that is durable
  • Stylish, lightweight and breathable shoes
  • Utilizes boost technology to improve your performance
  • Features shockweb upper overlay reinforcement to offer strength

Final Verdict

Serious basketballers should invest in the right basketball shoes to increase their performance in the court. Wearing your normal sneakers can not only keep you uncomfortable but also lead to serious injuries. The good thing is, you don’t have to drain your pockets to get a high quality basketball shoe. The above reviews compile a list of top 12 best outdoor basketball shoes for the money that are reasonably priced.

All the shoes above are tested and they passed various aspects. They are comfortable, breathable, supportive, thicker soles and durable. The shoes also feature large traction grooves among other important qualities a basketballer would love to see to see in a basketball shoe. I’m sure you will get the right outdoor basketball shoe that suits your game from the above list.

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