11 Best Electronic Earmuffs for Shooting, Hunting and Range In 2019

Ckeck out our top 11 best electronic ear protection devices this year. 

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Not everyone can afford or access a gun silencer. And every time you pull the trigger, your rifle produces a super loud noise. This puts your hearing at a huge risk. For your information, most guns fire at over 120 decibels every time you shoot. That is why you need the best electronic earmuffs for shooting to protect your ear from any noise above the safe 82dB. Whether you are shooting at the range or you are outdoors hunting, an ear protection set is very important.

Live action or practice, shooting can be louder than your ear can take. Research say, gun fire noise is a great risk to gun users. It puts you at a higher risk of hurting your hearing. At this point, any hearing protection means is highly recommended. Only that, electronic ear protections sum it all up. They are built for comfort, complete ear safety, performance and modernity. That is why they are exactly what you want to prevent harming your ear during your shooting.

Our team of gun enthusiasts, hunters and retired veterans took their time to review the best ear protections for shooting found in the current market. With the crowded product catalogs and variety of brands, we still managed to sample the best earmuffs. But first, let’s learn more about how you risk your ear when shooting without protecting them.

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The Risks Associated with Lack of the Best Electronic Earmuffs for Shooting

One of the things you need to get straight are the levels of sound and how they can affect your hearing. Basically, if your hearing is exposed to sounds at 85 decibels or above for a prolonged period, you are already putting your ear at risk.


Unfortunately, gun shots produce sounds way above the safe 82dB - 85dB – mostly ranging from 120 decibels and above. This sound level is too high for your naked ear, and can impair your hearing and result into a condition known as tinnitus within a very short period of time. That is why you are advised to invest in the best earmuffs for shooting whether you fire guns for sports or you are a hunter. This way, you can avoid the risk of loosing your ear to loud gunfire noise.

Impared hearing 

Being the one firing the gun puts you so close to the sound production. However, not all gunfire generate the same amount of sound. Take for example a .22 caliber rifle, which produce up to 145 decibels of sound when fire. While most 44 caliber revolvers and some handguns can go up to 170 decibels. This explains why you need an earmuff when shooting any kind of rifle.

why you need the best electronic earmuffs for shooting

Other Forms of Ear Protection for Shooting

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many ways and means to protect your ear from the gun sound. In any case, it is the safety of your ear that matters. However, despite the existence of so many ear protection means, having the best electronic earmuffs for shooting solves all your problems in style.

The other forms of ear protection for shooting include:

  • Earplugs
  • Headphones
  • Non-electronic earmuffs
  • Hearing bands
  • Digital plugs
the best electronic earmuffs for shooting

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Electronic Earmuffs for Shooting

It might get tedious to handpick the best ear protection for shooting from the current market. This is because there are several brands and types of earmuffs available in stores worldwide. Some might be genuine products while others might not provide the performance you paid for. Remember, lack of proper protection to your ear during shooting might lead to a lot of complications to your ear and hearing.

Therefore, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before purchasing the best electronic earmuffs for shooting. Most of them have been discussed below to ensure you effortlessly land yourself the best earmuffs in the market.

Electronic vs Non-Electronic Ear protection

There is a huge difference in performance between an electronic earmuffs and non-electronic ones. In most cases, electronic ear protections have greater NRR and performs greatly in general. That is why you have to make a decision before walking into any gun accessory store. The type of earmuffs also hugely determine the level of performance and how much noise they can protect your ear from.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

Noise reduction rating measures the ability of any ear protection device to reduce the amount of noise produced in decibels. Some devices have the ability to reduce up to 50 decibels while others can only take away as low as 25-10 decibels. In other words, the higher the NRR the better the device.

For that reason, you need to go for an earmuff that can reduce the highest amount of noise. That is why an electronic earmuff is a holy grail. These devices automatically blocks any hazardous sound exceeding 82 decibels.

Design Quality and Appearance

In as much as you need to concentrate on performance, appearance is also a big deal when making a purchase. If you can get yourself a top performing earmuff that also looks good on you, then that is exactly what you need to go for. The quality of the earmuff also matters a lot as far as performance is concerned. Go for a brand that is well built and created with expertise and passion.

Comfort and Fit

Again, the best ear protection for shooting should fit well over or in your ears. Make sure you confirm the level of comfort that the earmuff you are buying provides. Remember, shooting requires high level of composer and accuracy to be able to hit your target.

Therefore, all your shooting gear needs to compliment your efforts and precision. That is why, when purchasing an electronic earmuff, you need to consider how it will feel having it on. Also, check if the headbands are adjustable to allow customized fit.

Convenient Storage, Backpacking and Maintenance

the best ear protection device should be convenient and easy to maintain. in other words, if you are going to put your money on any form of ear protection device, you need to go for one that is easy and safe to store. Always pick the earmuff that folds to fit into an economical space and can be packed safely in your hunting backpack or your bag for shooting gear.

foldable best electronic earmuffs for shooting

Weatherproof Earmuffs Are Great for Hunting

If you are a hunter then you already know what I’m going to discuss here. I mean, the weather gets angry sometimes out there. That is why, if the shooting gear is meant for trophy hunts, you need to be aware of weather variations. In other words, whether you are using your earmuffs for range shooting or for hunting, it is preferable to go for weatherproof ear protection devices. Just in case you will need them for outdoor shooting or wild hunting.

Re-chargeable Batteries 

Now that your earmuffs are electronic, you have to plan prior for their source of power. The best earmuffs should be re-chargeable and cordless. This makes them supper efficient and conveniently mobile. You can plan a hunt or go for range shooting for a whole day or for the entire weekend without worrying about power. And that is exactly what you want to put your money on. Earmuffs that uses re-chargeable batteries are what you should go for.

Budget and Affordability

Lastly, before purchasing anything, you need to budget for it first. And for that reason, we figured out a great electronic ear protection should be affordable as well. Price is an important factor in any transaction and this case isn’t an exception. Finding the best earmuff for shooting means getting great performance and comfortable fit for a pocket friendly price.

Fortunately, we have reviewed several best ear protections for budget that will revolutionize your shooting experience. And through our ultimate list, you are guaranteed of putting your money on one of the best electronic earmuffs for shooting from any gun accessory store.

Top 11 Recommended Best Electronic Earmuffs for Shooting – Reviews

After considering all the factors influencing the performance of an electronic earmuff, we assembled a team to filter the market and outline the top products. The below reviewed earmuffs for shooting qualified to be on our list due to a lot of reasons. Our major focus was general performance, comfort, results, looks and affordability. With all these qualities in mind, we ranked our best electronic earmuffs and these are the products that met our expectations:

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This sound amplification earmuff is a top of class and legit safety gear for both range shooting and field hunting. It has been programmed to allow active listening while in action, and automatically shuts out any hazardous noise, normally anything above 82 decibels. This ensures that you hear everything happening around you for the case of hunting. It only prevents harmful noise that exceeds the normal safe sound range.

With its directional microphones, sounds and range command are well communicated. This in built feature allows for tactical communications and proper listening. The Howard Leight Impact Earmuff is an all-round shooting accessory, with adjustable headband for perfect and comfortable fit. It also has a compact design that enhances easy storage when it is folded.

Additionally, this impact proof earmuff has an integrated AUX input that allows you to receive media and listen to music from mp3 players and even from your mobile phone. This is also decorated with a volume and power on/off knob. And as if all that isn’t enough, it operates for longer hours, powered by re-chargeable AAA batteries.

This earmuff is very energy conservative, thanks to its programmed 4 hour auto shut off feature. This model forms our overall best electronic earmuffs for shooting at range and hunting.

Features at a Glance​​​
  • For good looks and design, it comes in an elegant combat green color.
  • This electronic earmuff is powered by long hours AAA batteries that are re-chargeable.
  • It is built weatherproof to allow usage at the range and field hunting as well.
  • This earmuff allows for active listen and only shuts off automatically to hazardous sounds.
  • It comes with extra features like mp3 compatible AUX input and a connection cord.

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Enjoy a delivery of crystal clear audio with this revolutionary hearing protection earmuffs. This top of class performance is offered by its high definition speakers with the support of in built Omni directional microphones. Unlike most ear protection aids, this electronic earmuff is a new generation model that perfectly keeps you actively alerted. Yet, no hazardous noise makes its way to harm your ear.

To add on that, its volume control is efficient and easy to operate even when the earmuff is still on. This is because of its thoughtful raised ridges on the on/off knob. Again, you don’t only get to protect you hearing with the Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff, its audio jack is compatible to mp3 players and other audio players. These features keeps you entertained even while you are on the range or out in the field.

Another thoughtful feature of this Razor Slim creation is its slim folding ability. This makes it easy and safe to store while not in use. That is what you want in your backpack as you are going hunting or to the range. The device is also very comfortable and fits well due to its adjustable and padded head band. So, my question is, what else do you want from an ear protection muff?

Features at a Glance
  • The Razor Slim comes with a very comfortable padded headband that adjusts to fit well.
  • Its slim folding feature is a powerful selling point of the earmuffs, hence the name ‘Slim’.
  • Crisp clear audio is delivered by high quality speakers and it also has Omni directional mics.
  • The earmuff has an audio jack that connects to an iPhone, portable radio and mp3 players.
  • Single volume control knob with raised ridges makes operation easy even with gloves on.

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The next ear protection muffs on our list is the impact pro electronic earmuff by the Howard Leight. This product is well known for its comfortable fit and non-slip design. Its extra padded headband adjusts to fit over your head and ears perfectly. It also has its pressure points rubberized to avoid being scratched, making it perfect for outdoor shooting and field hunting.

Nevertheless, the earmuff set protects you from any harmful noise up to the safest level, normally shutting off automatically to any sound above 82 decibels. This is also aided by its unique air flow control system that is designed to reduce noise from its all frequencies. At the same time, its distortion-free amplification allows for sound delivery and active listening.

If you haven’t got enough of this piece, then you need to know about its headphone functions that allows you to listen to music from your phone and other mp3 players. Also, it conserves energy efficiently with its auto shut off function after every 4 hours of idle operation. This ear protection device also comes with easy maintenance quality and also folds simply to fit in your hunting backpack and storage spaces.

Features at a Glance
  • The earmuff allows for active listening giving you full situation awareness in the field.
  • Its AUX feature gives you headphone functionality for entertainment purposes.
  • Its telescopic and extra padded headband is adjustable to allow for custom fit.
  • The earmuff uses triple AAA batteries economically with its energy conservation feature.
  • It is easy to maintain, folds for easy and safe storage and is tough and durable.

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A high noise reduction rating (reduces up to 24dB of noise) has landed this tactical electronic earmuff on our list of the best ear protection devices. This sport earmuff has a low profile design with top level performance crucial protection. In as much as its peers that we reviewed above appeared ahead of it on our list, this product is an excellent performer and worth every single dollar you will invest on it.

It allows active hearing and uses and advanced technology to block hurting noise from your gunshot every time you pull the trigger. This makes it perfect for both sports, range shooting and hunting. It uses sound amplification technology to grasp low-level sounds and keep clear track of range communication and commands. The device can also enhance conversations and automatically shuts off when harmful noise is produced.

It is designed to adapt to the environment and gun activities to be able to separate between normal conversations and noises caused by gunfire. The Peltor sport earmuff is on a new whole level when it comes to ear protection. Also, it folds well for proper storage, protection it from unnecessary impacts that may cause damage. This makes it tactical and durable.

Features at a Glance
  • The Peltor tactical earmuff has been constructed with an auto shut-off feature.
  • It automatically adapts to your shooting environment and gunfire to allow active listening.
  • You are able to comfortably listen to low-sound conversations and range commands.
  • It also has a clear voice tracking that enhances communication and improves speech.
  • This ear protection device has great NRR and operates with up to 3M smart technologies.

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This two-pack electronic ear protection set is a real life lottery. Howard Leight never disappoints and this twin set follows their trend. With its built-in microphones, these earmuffs are capable of amplifying low sounds like range commands and communications to enhance listening and conversations. With this set, you and your shooting partner are guaranteed of more natural communication and listening.

They are designed to provide you with active listening, while adjusting to the environment to amplify ambient sounds. This design then uses their typical auto shut-off technology to prevent any sound exceeding 82dB. This way, you are fully protected from hazardous noise caused by gunfire at the range or while outside hunting. Like I said, you won’t regret putting your money on this 2-pac earmuffs.

And that reminds me to mention that purchasing the 2-pac comes with the affordability advantage. More so if you need something for your partner or any plus one at the range or while hunting. In addition, these earmuffs come with extra features like the AUX input system that allows them to offer headphone functionality. On top of all that, you get low profile ear-cups and comfortable and adjustable to fit headband.

Features at a Glance
  • The 2-pac earmuff set is pretty affordable compared to buying single earmuffs.
  • Its auto shut-off functionality keeps your ear protected from any noise above the safe 82dB.
  • These earmuffs are specially designed with comfortable and adjustable-to-fit headbands.
  • Its AUX input feature makes it compatible to your iPhone, handheld radio and mp3 players.
  • Directional microphones uniquely built-in to amplify range commands and ambient sounds.

Peltor 97451 3M Tactical Sport Earmuff – Best Electronic Earmuffs for Shooting

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Just like the earlier discussed Peltor peer, this electronic earmuff operates with a digital chip and 3M smart technologies to provide high level ear protection. With a noise reduction rating of up to 20dB, this device is programmed to ensure no harmful noise gets through to your ear. Dangerous impulse noise from gunfire and other explosions are prevented by a quick auto shut-off.

This earmuff has great news for hunters, long hours range shooters and field tactical users. It has been designed to provide high performance and an all-day comfort. It also feature an audio jack that allows you to get media from external sources. You get to listen to audios from your mobile phone and other players like mp3 and portable radio. It is an all-round device great for ear protection from gunfire noise.

The best part is, you can actively listen to normal sounds from your environment while hunting or range commands. This allows continuous communication effectively – the device only shuts off automatically when risky level noise is produced. It also comes in an ergonomic design with adjustable headbands for comfortable fit. Its external 2 AAA batteries compartment is easy to access.

Features at a Glance
  • It comes with interchangeable ear-cups allowing you to rock different colors occasionally.
  • This earmuff runs on 2 AAA batteries inserted in an external compartment for easy access.
  • It uses a unique ASIC digital chip technology to provide top of class ear protection.
  • The device comes in an ergonomic design and was created to offer all-day comfort.
  • With a noise reduction rating of up to 20dB - allows for active listening and communication.

See customer reviews and ratings on Amazon.com

Whether you are a hunter or a recreational shooter, having the right shooting ear protection is important. If you need affordable and high quality ear protection, awesafe Electronic Shooting Earmuff can be a great investment. These electronic shooting earmuff block any hazardous sound and the amplification will shut off when the sound level reaches a maximum of up to 82dB.

The earmuff work well even when you are shooting in harsh environments. They are made of superior hard EVA material that provides a durable performance. You will also love their shockproof design because the exterior is durable and the interior is soft. The earmuffs also feature smooth yet strong zippers than ensure you enjoy the best experience when shooting.

For a custom and comfortable fit, this shooting earmuff is designed with a padded telescoping headband that is easy to adjust and gives you a non-slip fit. Since they are made specifically for shooting, they will not interfere with your shooting in any way. The low profile ear-cups ensure that your aiming is on point. If you want to transport them easily, they are designed with a sturdy hand strap to make your work easy.

Features at a Glance
  • Has an effective air flow control technology that offers optimal reduction of noise.
  • The earmuff has smooth and strong zippers that enhance your shooting experience.
  • Convenient folding design make it easy to store and carry the earmuffs when on the range.
  • They are easy to maintain and can connect to audio devices, scanner and MP3 player.
  • These low energy earmuffs have a low profile ear-cups do not affect your aim.

See customer reviews and ratings on Amazon.com

The loud sound from gunshots can pose a threat to your hearing. This is why hunters and shooters are advised to have the right ear protection to enjoy a comfortable shooting experience. If you are looking for electronic shooting earmuffs, try the Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection. These are quality shooting earmuffs that offers shooters with the highest level of protection.

These compact and durable earmuffs are made from high quality material that allow you to enjoy a lightweight and durable use. They can handle a maximum sound level of up to 34 dB and give you a comfortable wearing experience. As compared to other earmuffs on the market, this one is ultra-portable and features a compact design which makes it easy to carry.

You can wear these earmuffs when you are shooting, operating heavy machinery or working. When it comes to comfort, the earmuffs feature a padded headband meaning that you will not experience irritation even when you are wearing them long term.

You can get the earmuffs in different sizes to suits young shooters, average teens and large adults. And because of its affordability, it makes one of our all time best electronic earmuffs for shooting. It works perfectly for sports and professional shooting.

Features at a Glance
  • Have a compact and lightweight design which makes them ideal for carrying in bags.
  • Padded headband provide a comfortable experience long term without causing irritation.
  • Can be used in a wide range of activities like shooting and operating heavy machinery
  • Compact and durable earmuffs providing the highest industry top protection of up to 34dB.
  • Available in small size to suit young children, large size for average teens and large adults.


In general, shooting without any form of ear protection exposes your ear to harmful gun sounds that can end up injuring your ear. And to counter this risk, you need effective ear protection materials that will reduce the level of noise to a less harmful amount. Research shows that constant exposure to noise above 85 decibels can cause impaired hearing and even hurt your ears physically. That is why you need to invest in the best electronic earmuffs for shooting to smoothen you gun use experience.

Fortunately, there are so many brands and types of earmuffs in the market today that will do a great job in protecting your ear from the noise. Most of them are well designed for the job and does not interfere with your shooting accuracy. We had our experts select the top products with great performance and build quality. So that you don’t have to trade your time for an endless product hunt in the current crowded market. All you have to do is pick one from our list of the best hearing protection devices above. Good luck.

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