Best Basketball Backpacks for Outdoors & Sports Packing

If you are a new basketball player, you might ask yourself, why should I struggle to find the best basketball backpacks yet I can just throw my things in a gym duffle bag or tote bag? The truth is, a regular basketball is too big meaning that it cannot fit in regular backpacks. Which is why you should get a backpack that is designed for basketball.

Not only do basketball backpacks allow you to carry your items but also help you keep your things organized so you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for the item you need. You can carry basketball essentials like towels, basketball, water bottle, phone, and other necessary equipment.

Just like any other sport, keeping your sports items safe is important. In this article, you will find in-depth reviews of 14 best basketball backpacks that you can consider buying this year. We have also included a quick buyer's guide to help you select what suits your needs.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Backpacks – Things to Consider

Every basketball player requires a special basketball backpack to carry the necessary items you require when playing. So, what are the most important things that you should look for in a basketball backpack?

Mesh Netting

One of the main reasons why basketballs do not fit in many backpacks is because of their big size. Consider buying a backpack with a mesh netting attached outside the bag to hold your ball. This makes the internal part of the bag free so you have enough space to hold all your items. Some bags are also designed with a removable mesh netting so you can remove it if you are not planning to carry the ball.


Whether you are walking or riding to the court, you need to consider the comfort of your backpack. If you are planning to use your basketball backpack every day, then you should look for a comfortable bag. Some of the comfort features that you should check include padded back and straps and even distribution of weight. You can also consider a bag with a sternum strap to increase comfort.


What type of material is used to make the backpack? The material plays a huge role in determining the durability of a backpack. Look for a quality basketball backpack that is designed with a water-resistant material like polyester or nylon so that you can keep your items safe. The bag should also have quality zippers with the best stitching.

How do you intend to use the bag?

Do you want a backpack for basketball practice only or would like a multipurpose basketball backpack? If you are in college or high school and play basketball, you might consider buying a multipurpose backpack with compartments to separate your laptop from the dirty clothes. This will save you money because you don't have to buy separate backpacks which can also be difficult to carry.

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Shoe Compartment

Make sure that your backpack has a separate compartment to store your outdoor basketball shoes. The shoes should be kept away from other items in the bag and the compartment should be well ventilated to avoid bad smell. You know that the shoes can smell pretty bad after practice so you don't want to mix them with other fresh clothes in your backpack.

Water Resistance

In as much as you should pick the most durable basketball backpack, you should also consider water resistance features. Some models feature a moisture resistant bottom and others have special pockets where you can keep important items like phone, wallet and other personal items dry.

Other considerations
  • Presence of insulated pockets for water bottles
  • Wet/ dry compartment to separate fresh from dirty clothes
  • Laptop or tablet sleeve
  • How much does the backpack cost?

The Best Basketball Backpacks – Reviews and Recommendations

There are countless number of basketball backpacks so it can be challenging to choose the best one. Read on to find individual reviews of top rated backpacks designed with a basketball player in mind. These are durable, stylish, sturdy and spacious backpacks that help you keep your items organized.

1. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack – Best Basketball Backpacks Overall

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We must agree every sport has its luggage for the sports person. Basketball players, for example, have gears to carry and change into before and after their games. All there gears need to be packed well in a bag or box depending with one's preference, style, and baggage. Let's feature what may get their belongings together that's functional, efficient and accommodating to one.

Well, the Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack is one to look out for. It has a large middle main compartment that is able to accommodate the player’s essentials. Change of clothes, personal items, shoes at the bottom and other essentials. The compartment is well padded and stitched to hold in all items. Other storage compartments are provided to hold different stuff.

Holding Ball and Water Bottle

Nevertheless, the external mesh pockets hold the ball and water. The big compartment at the front of the bag is well meshed together with a strong material to cage in the big ball. While the side pocket meshes hold the player's hydrating drink bottle. The back mesh pocket can hold items like I pads, phone or books as they are hidden and against ones back.

On top of all that, this backpack has an elegant look of black color and a white safety reflective stripe at the front edge making it look stylish. The material is ultra-strong and durable to handle the personal essentials and ball. The stitching is both strong and neat hence enhancing the bag's quality. This makes the bag endure the roughness it experiences as the athletics throw it about their closet and floors.

Adjustable Straps

As if that isn't enough, its straps are made to adjust to one's body structure and lengths. They are padded and wide enough to balance around the shoulders. They can be reduced on increased in size by adjusting the lower end of the strap. Its zipper lock system is strong enough to secure the items inside. 

The handheld handle at the top of the back is of quality material enhancing its grip. This bag gives one pure satisfaction and lifetime service.

Features at a Glance
  • External mesh pockets to cage the ball but not zip-locked.
  • Ultra-strong material that is strong and durable.
  •  Large middle compartment to accommodate everything.
  • Side pocket made of mesh to hold bottled water.
  • Strong zipper for securing the bag.

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Rarely do you find a bag back with specific dedicated compartments. But manufacturers have gone the extra mile to achieve this versatility. This is s bag with a dedicated ball compartment and also have a clear view window. It is on the trend especially with basketball sports ladies and also athletes that are on the go.

The LISH basketball backpack is unique as it houses both sports and school essentials.  The various organization pockets help the player be equipped as they go to the classroom and to the basketball court. Even though the ball compartment is not meshed, it has a zip closure that keeps the ball intact.

Other compartments include the side mesh pockets that hold the water bottle. And an extra side mesh pocket that is well ventilated to hold sweaty gear. An exterior convenience pocket for holding on the go stuff. The main compartment is spacious enough to holds books and other extra gears.

Tough and Stylish Design

The bag is made from 600 denier nylon which makes it both extra robust and stylish. It can withstand the frequent use as well carry the heavy items. It is further enhanced by the strong stitching at the edges. A reflective safety strip is etched across the front face of the bag. The high construction feature includes a padded back protecting the carriers back from the items in the bag.

Additional Padding

This added padding at the back also helps with better weight distribution mechanism. And the curved padding shoulder straps enhance the comfort at the back and shoulders area. The straps have an extension strap to adjust to one's height and tighten it too.

This structure gives better comfort and aligns the ergonomic design to the body. A hanging hook is affixed at the top so as one can easily store the bag in a cabinet or hook stand.

It has different measurement dimensions, the height being 17.5", the width is 12" and the depth 7". To enable all needed items to fit in the bag without tension.

Features at a Glance
  • It has dedicated compartment that holds the ball away from other items. 
  • The ball compartment has a zipper lock and clear window.
  • Side mesh pockets well ventilated to hold sweaty stuff.
  • It also has an additional back pocket that helps to store shin gear. 
  • Padded shoulder straps design for extra comfort. 

3. Soccer Backpack and Basketball Backpack – All Sports Bag – Best Basketball Backpacks for Kids

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Young budding players in the sports industry and in school are well thought of in carrying their books, gears, and essentials. Kids having different bags to carry their items is quite a heavy load. An all-inclusive bag comes in handy especially sports days.

The perfect size for the young players that fit their stuff is the Soccer Backpack-Basketball Backpack. It has room to ensure they lose none of their belonging.  Its measurements are 18″ in height, 12″ wide and 10″ deep. It is not bulky.

It is made of 420D nylon material and a PVC backing. The edges are firmly stitched and embroidery firmly fixed. This ensures durability and tough for its everyday use. The reflective security strip is etched around the bag both at the front and back side. It is labeled in reflective material to enhance reflection on all sides.

Well Aerated Compartments

It has several ventilated compartments composing of meshed side pockets for water bottle, shin guards at the back pocket, jacket, snacks, and many other small sized items. It dedicated ball compartment is meshed and enclosed with a sturdy zipper. This compartment holds not only the soccer ball but also basketball and volleyball. Making it multi-purpose.

The main compartment holds the school books and pencil poaches without any tension in an organized way. At the top tip, a hook material is stitched so as to make storage easy. The bag can be easily be hooked on a wall hook or closet.

Thick Cushioning

You will realize the back panel is the main important bit of the backpack. It has added padding that helps in cushioning of the back side, adding a thick layer between the kids back and the gear inside the bag. The shoulder straps are thickly padded too so that both can complement the comfort and spread out the bag weight. The zips are strong enough to hold the bag together.

Features at a Glance
  • One of the best basketball backpacks for kids and youth players.
  • It is built ultralight yet well accommodating – The bag is not bulky to carry.
  • Several ventilated compartments to store various items. 
  • Has a sturdy zipper that ensures your stuff are safe while you are away in the court.
  • Padded back panel to support the back and comfort.

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Technology can also not be ignored in this era and time. The sports fraternity embraces technology not only in their gears but has advanced to backpacks. Companies have embraced it and enhanced sports bag giving the athlete the much-needed uniqueness.

Nike hoops elite pro basketball backpacks are from the most trusted Nike brand company. Nike as a brand has not been left out in integrating technology and diverse features in their line of production. This backpack is made of high quality of thickly knit 600D polyester material that is imported and sewn to high standards. This gives it durability that is unmatched.

The multiple pockets are well sized to accommodate ones gears and personal stuff. Both clothes and shoes fit well in the different compartments. The water bottle has its side pocket section.

Quad Zipping System

The zipper is enhanced with the quad zip system which is able to open from any side making it easier for one to access the items inside the bag from any angle. So one can remove specific items without removing everything out of the bag.

This zipper is reinforced with the white reflective material. Similar reflective material is spread out at different parts of the bag making it stand out. The brand Nike mark is also made of reflective material. A haul loop is strongly stitched at the top to allow one hook up the bag. The loop also gives an alternative option for hand carrying.

Pro Adapt Straps Technology

The back straps have the pro adapt technology incorporated making the backpack comfortable while carrying it. Therefore, these straps don't dig in the shoulders causing discomfort. The back panel is well padded offering back protection and cushioned support for back comfort.

Also, its shoe compartment is well ventilated and can hold different sizes of shoes, up to size 15. The exterior bottom is finished with a water-resistant material. Just to point out a basketball can as well fit inside this tech back.

Features at a Glance
  • Pro technology incorporated for performance.
  • Zipper has the quad system incorporate and opened from any side. 
  • Back strap have pro adapt technology for ease and comfort of the backpack. 
  • Shoes department well ventilated and large enough. 
  • Any size-able ball fits in the bag. 

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Talk of high-end multi functional top of the range bags in the market. Oh my! It has an anti-theft design unit, has numerous openings to serve as USB charging port and headphone holes. Quality is not compromised to meet market standards and technology is not limited either. An all-purpose backpack for sports, camping, business travel, school, and all outdoor activities. Serves both genders as it is unisex in style.

Kolako 17.3″ laptop backpack, is one unique back in the current market trending on the top 10 list of backpacks. Multifunctional backpack with diverse features from carrying balls, to books, laptops, tripod stands, lunch boxes, and many more things. It has spacious multiple compartments and sleeves to hold in different items.

Carries Electronics and Accessories

The larger ones housing the laptops, notepads and I pads. While the smaller pockets hold various accessories, from tech electronics, travel accessories and more all organized sectional. The side pockets hold an assortment of items, water bottles umbrellas, shin guards and more. The front pockets are invisible ensuring safety and also handy to access.

Anti-theft and Password Enabled Locks

The anti-theft design locks in the strong metallic zipper hooks and a password lock enabled. This prevents theft and breaks into one's valuables. It has USB charging ports on the side of the bag. This makes it convenient to charge your phone while on the go. Connect the internal power banks cable on. Also, there are external holes to fit in a headphone. This holds the cable well from inside avoiding winding of cables as one listens to their favorite tunes.

Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting

Besides all that, this backpack is made from a durable Eco-friendly nylon material that is well stitched together. And its shoulder straps are well padded and S curved to allow light weigh mechanism reinforcing carrying. In addition, the back panel is padded as well to allow back comfort. And the net below the backpack cages the balls well. There are also two buckles underneath the bag that can be used to carry tennis rackets, exercise mats, tripod stands and fold-able camping sticks.

Features at a Glance
  • Multi-functional bag pack can be used beyond sports and gym.
  • It has anti-theft system incorporated, making it the safest backpack for sport.
  • The backpack has USB charging port and headphones holes – it's a great unique design.
  • Has extension buckles to hold other items beneath the bag. 
  • The ball net is positioned below the bag, appropriate for fixing any ball of size. 

6. Under Armour SC30 Undeniable Backpack – Best Basketball Backpacks with Ball Compartment

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Stephen Curry is a signature household name having an amazing line of gears. He is keen to details and designs, enhancing high standards to anything containing his name. His signature collection has created a brand of perfection in the backpack industry.

The under armour SC30 backpack is designed to live up to the set standards of Stephen Curry’s signature. Well, him being a champion in the 2x MVP and 3x world champ limits him to high standards only and nothing less. The backpack is made of 100% polyester durable material. It has adjustable heat gear shoulder straps that are wide enough not to dig the shoulders. The straps are made to offer extra comfort. The back panel is padded with ergonomic foam giving it extra cushioning ensuring back comfort.

Big Storage Capacity

The inner compartments are spacious enough and well lined to hold various items. And its side sleeves are also soft-lined to hold laptops of up to 15" and similar sizes MacBook and school books too. The storage space can hold a size 5 soccer ball or even a sized basketball. Its top loader compartment is easy to handle as it is extra-large as well. The haul loop is sturdy enough to allow one to carry the bag with the hand.

Perfectly Ventilated

The side has well-ventilated mesh pockets that are deep enough to hold water bottles. It also has a row of webbing loops at the front to be used as attachment points. The front panel has zippered pockets that a well in-built for additional quick stash. The UA storm technology has delivered an element-battling, high water-resistant finishing of the backpack.

This makes it safe, as its water repellent thus safeguarding your stuff. The bottom is made from tough, abrasion-resistant materials protecting the bottom well. It measures 9.1" width, 12" length and 19.5" height. Able to carry 1,891.74 cubic in. /31L.

Features at a Glance
  • There is a row of webbing at the front of the bag – thoughtfully designed.
  • Water resistant backpack, takes you for games even in bad weather.
  • Made from abrasion materials that make it tough and long lasting.
  • Ergonomic foam padding for comfort user friendliness.
  • Large deep compartments provide great storage capacity.

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This is a heavy duty backpack with multipurpose uses for both soccer, basketball, football and laptop carrier. The main large compartment is vented and perfect for holding the balls well and still have space to accommodate other essential items.

The Athletico National Soccer bag-backpack also has a separate cleat compartment. This compartment is at the bottom of the bag. It is well vented to carry shoes in it. This cleat is also large enough to carry another ball if not in use. Holding two balls at a go, giving it double ball capacity. This bag is designed with compression padded straps that are adjustable and comfortable with an ergonomic fit. It is made from strong 600D polyester and nylon material enhancing durability and sturdiness. And it looks rugged yet comfortable and ergonomic.

Ultralight Design

The bag is lightweight and can withstand rain, dirt, and mud. Thus enabling the player to have their gear in all weather conditions and also the outdoor environment. The inner compartment has an internal sleeve padded well enough to house a laptop and other small accessories. The side mesh pocket is large enough to hold a bottle of water. A reflective safety material is stitched at the front of the backpack.

Well Organized Compartments

It also has 7 pocket organizers at the main compartment, for school going persons and with books and pens to carry. The zippers are tough enough to hold everything in. it also has an extra utility zipper pockets at the front. It measures 36 cm by 22cm by 42cm. it is a compact unisex design, for all and perfect for travel, tournaments, practice, and matches. The haul mini-strap between the straps allows it to be easily stored against the wall hooks or closets. On the side of the bag is freshness air vent to enable air to circulate in avoiding bad odors.

Features at a Glance
  • Multipurpose backpack for basketball, football and all ball games – size 5 balls.
  • Has pocket organizers in the main compartment making it easy to pack.
  • Has utility pocket at the front stores a lot of sports and personal accessories.
  • It is unisex for both male and female – Designed to fit everyone.
  • Has separate cleat and ball holder that fits size 5 balls pretty well.

8. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack– Best Basketball Backpacks by Nike

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The backpack is a great choice for those who need something dependable to carry sports gear. It is very affordable despite the fact that it's 100% made from polyester which makes it seem expensive. This comes in different colors and sizes to choose from and can easily be worn by big size people comfortably without irritations of it being too tight.

The Nike Swoosh backpack has plenty of additional storage like the double exterior mesh side water bottle pockets, a separate compartment on the inside meant to store wet or smelling gear and multiple pockets for storing other small accessories. This gives you the ultimate organization that you need for all your personal gear and retrieval is easy and quick.

Waterproof Design

It also has a tarpaulin bottom, which is water resistant, making it possible for you to stash that wet gear without getting your other gear and the bottom wet. The large opening at the top will allow you to store one ball inside it giving you the ultimate comfort you need to carry anything in your hands when going for that practice.

Secure Construction

Dual zippers on the main compartment make access easier, the zippers also have a rain flap which secures your storage. The backpack lets you go with all your requirements needed for that game, practice, travel, gym, and so much more.

Features at a Glance
  • Dual zippers for easier access and secure storage. 
  • Multiple zippered pockets for small accessories and organizations
  • Ball compartment for separate gear storage from other belongings.
  • Adjustable and lightly padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying.
  • Tarpaulin water-resistant bottom for stashing away wet gear.

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Water resistance has been taken to another level, the backpack is entirely waterproof, making it great even on bad weather. Also, it has a spacious room to accommodate your skateboard, basketball, baseball, football or any ball depending on what sport you're into. This gives you the chance to move with all your most important items that you always need close to you.

This Skateboard Backpack for Basketball and Football Balls features S-shaped shoulder straps with breathable padded air mesh, make the skateboard basketball backpack an awesome choice. The straps lessen your fatigue and make it very comfortable to carry the backpack as well as keep the balance steady in case your bag is overloaded with all your gadgets and gear.

Comes with Extras

External USB port built-in with a charging cable, for your gadgets conveniently charging when you're on the go. Take selfies with your teammates, or listen to your favorite workout music during practice without worry of running low on battery no matter where you may be.

Accessories Pocket

The backpack has got organized pockets to fit all your accessories like a spacious laptop pocket, iPad pocket, and double zipper front pockets among others. These give you the best organization you need for even those small items you can't do without and getting them out of the backpack is very easy.

Features at a Glance
  • Has buckle straps to carry vertical gears and equipment like a skateboard.
  • Breathable air padded mesh shoulder straps for comfort. 
  • S-shaped shoulder straps for that comfort while carrying.
  • USB port with a built-in charging cable for convenient charging. 
  • Adjustable buckle waist belt for great comfort.

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Comes with a basketball net which is hidden at the bottom zipper of the backpack. It has 2 buckles to ensure that none of your placements fall off, whether it's your lunch box, helmet or even your basketball, they are securely strapped by the buckles and it doesn't matter whether you are riding your bike with the backpack on or riding the bus, you are guaranteed all your items are in place.

Scione basketball backpack for men Built-in charging cable, the Scione laptop backpack lets you charge your device while on the go. On top of that, it has an earphone port which is compatible with all phones including those with a 5.8″ screen.

Laptop Backpack

The backpack comes with a laptop compartment, an armband and gym phone holder for jogging, cycling, climbing, among other activities that you may be required to do but need your phone nearby, as well as plenty of other pockets for storing your other small items like keys, wallets, clothes, etc. This makes the backpack very reliable when it comes to outdoor activities.

Made of Eco-friendly Oxford material, this makes it very durable and perfect for high school students. Additionally, the backpack has got a water-resistant fabric which keeps all the inside objects free from getting wet.

Features at a Glance
  • Thick high-quality neoprene which enhances durability and comfort while using.
  • USB and earphone ports let you enjoy music on the go with convenient charging.
  • Premium quality design offering lightweight carrying.
  • Water resistant fabric avoiding inner objects getting wet.
  • Multi-function letting you store all of your necessities.

Final Words

Choosing the best basketball backpack is not an easy job. This is why we have top 14 models so that it will be easy for you to choose the right one. All the above basketball backpacks are designed to offer you comfort and ample space to store your basketball and other important sports essentials. It fits all sports personnel and athletes traveling or just planning to hit the gym.

After comparing the features of each of the above backpacks, you will find a convenient way of carrying your items to the court in a comfortable and organized manner. If you have a problem choosing from a variety, we have narrowed down the list of the best backpacks for you.

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