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Best Travel Gear and Accessories 

We thought it would be great if we shared our travel secrets with you. I mean, we both love going out. The idea of doing something outdoors makes you breathe and feel free. We share the same opinion, and that is why we don't mind sharing how we do it.

Here, we share everything. What makes our journeys interesting? What complicates everything once we are out there? What are you in to? Camping? Does fishing on your lake house miles away from your city apartment work for you?

Why Choose FuriousTraveler?

Furious Traveler is a team of experts passionate about everything that travel has to offer. Besides our expertise, we love doing what we do. The information shared here is based on real life adventures and discoveries during our journeys around the world.

We Share Our Adventures 

We don’t always know what to expect when going out. But we always learn from each moment. That is what has made us great in what we do. And for that reason, we have dedicated our energy and time to make the lives of other travelers much easier. We help them know how to prepare well for each trip. We give you ultimate travel lists for each destination.

We Bank on Experience

We have seen and done it all – from business travel, family trips, road trips, camping to hiking and mountain climbing. Keep following us and our adventures will blow your mind. What we already know in the travel and outdoor niche will amaze you. However, our team never stops to do further research on the same field. We review all products a traveler needs to make the journey more fun and easy. We let you know the must haves and the best deals in the current market.

We Prep You For All Destinations

Not all adventures are safe, exciting and full of fun memories. Sometimes you catch a flight to your dream destination and end up being disappointed. Either the weather wasn't your favorite, or maybe the hotels were pricey for overrated quality. Maybe your travel gear was off, you either had a wrong packing list or didn't have one at all. But you can always avoid such setbacks by planning prior and preparing well for each trip. And that’s where furioustraveler.com team comes in.

We help you plan and prepare well for all your journeys to any destination. We make you ready. We make your travel special.

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Like I just said, we prepare you for any travel destination. Members of our team eat, sleep and live travel. It's what our universe revolves around. We ensure your packing list is always on point, before you leave for a new adventure – unlike blind traveling that will always have your fun interrupted.

Imagine landing in Bangkok Thailand or Shanghai China from whichever part of the world, without a single clue on which hotel to book yourself into or even an idea on what meal to order.

Disorientation during travel can ruin your whole journey. Leave alone keeping you worried the whole time.

You need to always know what to wear, what to pack in your backpack and how much you will need to spend on your trip.

Simple travel basics are good to begin with.

Here Are Some Best Travel Tips You Need To Master:
  • This is travelers top secret. Make a list.
  • Over budget – Don’t make a fixed budget and plan. Be flexible.
  • Do not forget travel accessories
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Whatever outdoor plan you have needs you to adjust to it first before you set off. If you are going camping, you sure should sit and sleep on the idea. Camping is fun and adventurous. For instance, surviving in the jungle over the weekend, with everything you can ever need.

That reminds me of the moments I traveled because I wanted a week off the Internet. The idea was to find a remote destination, a jungle without network reception maybe. So, camping became the ultimate travel plan. Going into the wilderness with a couple of friends carrying enough food and bottles sounded like a perfect adventure.

Long story short, how we made it back to civilization from that camp is still a miracle. The only thing I can tell you about it is that; camping demands a lot of preps.

Here Are Some Best Camping Tips You Need To Master:
  • Think about survival when planning
  • Security, communication and power backup accessories are essential
  • Avoid lone camping – family or group camping are the best
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It’s easy to mix up hiking and camping. Well, think of hiking as a road trip through the jungle but this time, there is no road or car. Hiking requires economical packing. Since you want to pack all important items at the same time you need to avoid heavy loading. Hiking requires you to avoid anything that can slow you down.

If you are picking hiking gear, you have to be very careful with the clothes and shoes you pick to wear when going out. For example, you need lightweight, tough-built and weatherproof boots for most hikes. 

Depending on the weather and other environmental factors, your dress code has to be precise. Pack a rain coat if you are going to need it.

A properly planned-for hike can turn out to be your all time memory of fun. The exhaustion, sweating and anxiety will boost your spirit incredibly.

Here Are Some Best Hiking Tips You Need To Master:
  • Consider lightweight backpacking
  • Pick weatherproof clothing and gear
  • You will need maps, compasses and GPS devices
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Of all my adventures, hunting is one of my favorite activities. It literally thrills me. The idea of target marking and making the kill shot pumps the adrenaline in my entire body. Think about it, shooting a hunting rifle or a crossbow from yards a way to claim your trophy. Thrilling, isn’t it?

There are a lot of places with huge public lands for hunting in this great country. So, you can always find your way to an adventure in the wild.

With great game control policies, the United States of America have maintained great populations of bucks, coyotes, and other beasts worth hunting.

We provide you with all the resources and reviews you need to make your hunting experience one of a kind.

Our experts take strolls through the market to research and test the best hunting gear for you.

Here Are Some Best Hunting Tips You Need To Master:
  • Don’t forget your Hunting License and Certification
  • Your Dressing choice is crucial. Stay tuned to weather forecast
  • Prep your hunting weapon. Gun or Crossbow
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When it’s time to hit the water, let nothing stop you. Fishing can revolutionize your idea of adventure.

Going out to the water with the right fishing kayak or boat, the right fishing equipment and the right accessories are what will make your fishing experience great.

You also need to have the best fishing spots. As I was growing up, my dad used to take me out for fishing on Saturdays, at least for a couple of Saturdays when he was around and available. 

We had this great spot with huge catches. But the scenery remains to be my best memory of fishing with my old man.

One thing you have to understand about fishing, it requires patience, a lot of it. Therefore, pack well for the whole day. You don’t want to get bored before registering your first catch.

Here Are Some Best Fishing Tips You Need To Master:
  • Always have your life-jacket on. Even if you are a great swimmer
  • Be careful when picking your fishing gear
  • Know how to handle fish with care
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Sports & Outdoors

We have no limits to fun and adventure. As long as you are interested in doing something out of the house, we’ve got your back. There are a lot of outdoor activities and sports that can turn a boring day around. From visiting a water park to mountain biking, you can always have and do it all with FuriousTraveler.

All you have to do is figure out your hobby, or anything that works well for you and get started. Be it, snowboarding, running, skiing, or any other activity that helps in boosting your spirit. All we want for you is to make your life more adventurous and fun filled. We want you to live it all.

So, get up and put your game face on. Pick any sport or outdoor activity and we will take you through everything you need to know about it.

While doing so, we make it as exciting as possible.

Here Are Some Best Sports & Outdoor Tips You Need To Master:
  • Beware of the weather before going out for play
  • Every sports has its rules and unique dress code
  • You can always try a new sport. Don’t get stuck with one
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